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Sankranthi – A Day of New Beginnings

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Makara Sankranthi, the festival of harvest is celebrated today in different parts of India. According to the Lunar calendar, this day marks the Sun’s entry into Makara Rashi (Capricorn) when he starts a Northward journey, moving from the tropic of Capricorn to the Tropic of Cancer. Hence Sankranthi is considered as the beginning of ‘Uttarayana’ (Northward movement) — a six month period of the year regarded most auspicious.

In many parts of the country, the farmers begin the harvest period by offering thanks and gratitude to Mother Earth for her bounty and by worshipping the crops. They also worship the Sun God. The end of winter and the arrival of Spring is celebrated with a kite flying festival in some regions. Mythology tells us that this was the day when River Ganga was brought down to our Earth from the heavenly abode by a great Sage; hence a holy dip in the river on this day is believed to remove all sins/karmas and purify the individual. This was also the day when the evil Rakshasas were annihilated by Lord Vishnu, long back. The Rishis say that the destruction of the dark and the shining of Light occur at all levels by God’s grace on this day.

Sankranthi is the day when there’s a direct contact between the Creator and Creation. It marks the end of Shunya Masa when the Saptarishis return from their month long Tapas and resume the work of administering Creation from the new batch of Rishis. The great Rishis meet and decide the future course of events for Humanity on this day. The Rishi workers and volunteers are also rewarded and assigned further tasks. A lot of energies are released all over the world and new knowledge is made available. On this day we can consciously connect to Lord Suryanarayana (the Sun God) and receive new Knowledge from Him.

This Sankranthi is special and unique because it concludes a very important Shunya Masa, where the Saptarishis cancelled their month long tapas and stayed back to assist the new batch of Rishis in their projects. Vishwamitra Maharshi was also present on the Earth for 7 days from the 25th to the 31st of December for various astral works. The Shoonya Masa also witnessed two important eclipses where much work was done by the Masters at different levels for the welfare of humanity and its speedy entry into the New Light Age. The following account gives an overview of these activities of the Rishis in the past month.

The Two Eclipses

Every eclipse brings in new energies and knowledge from the higher realms for all humanity. They are the stepping stones towards a higher life of the New Age. Shoonya Masa had two eclipses, the first of which was on 21st December 2010, coinciding with the Winter Solstice after 372 years. This conjunction was very important spiritually, made all the more auspicious because of our closeness to the ending of the pralaya period.

On Dec 21st

This eclipse brought many opportunities and new doorways to humanity. The special conjunction of the eclipse and the Solstice enabled many projects to get initiated at the astral level. The new batch of Rishis released 17 new energies during the eclipse period. These energies will help all individuals to outgrow their limitations and start manifesting the qualities of Light.

A huge jewel which radiates a special energy was fixed at the centre of the Material Cosmos. Our Earth received a lot of energies from this jewel. Also a huge quantity of blue energies were anchored all over our Milky Way Galaxy, which makes our galaxy look blue in colour instead of the usual white. Many gifts were given to all individuals on this Earth. Among them:

  • Every person was fitted with a small gadget to help him choose the ways of light and sail through this difficult Pralaya period. This also helps everyone attain a light body faster.
  • Each individual was counselled at a higher level and helped in making many decisions. The Rishis want all of us to make efforts to recall this.
  • The various projects and works that happened after this eclipse make it easier for us to link up to Light.
  • The special energies that were released help us all to open and sharpen our hidden faculties — a very important step, since only with these faculties can we pass through these trying times.

The speed of rotation and revolution of our Earth has been increased. The result is that, our daily time has been compressed to 7½ hours now!

On 4th January

The second eclipse on 4th January 2011 saw the culmination of many projects that were initiated during the previous eclipse. Because of the counselling done by the new batch of Rishis and the influence of the newly fixed gadgets, more people on our Earth chose Light and have promised to transform and adopt Light into their lives.

During this eclipse, a lot of new energies were pumped into our Earth. The Second Sun was strengthened with tremendous amounts of these energies so that it would have a continuous influence on our Earth. Apart from this, a special energy was stored into thousands of capsule-like structures, in order to place them along the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn on 15th January 2011. Whenever an individual genuinely opens up, these capsules get attached to his system near the Soul region and will assist him in his growth and transformation.

The Rishis also strengthened the Photon belt, thus enabling it to play a more proactive role in helping humanity transform.

Communication from the Photon Belt

The Photon Belt, as we’ve seen earlier, is a vast spiritual energy field in space into which our earth will fully enter by the end of Dec 2012. Because this energy field is full of higher spiritual vibrations, it acts as a filter for all negativities on our Earth and hasten our spiritual progress by multiple folds — hence the date of our entry into this field has been widely anticipated. We’ve already entered the influence of this special field on 21st December 2009 and are directly under its positive influence.

Since this energy field is closely associated with our Earth at present, the charging of this field with new energies will immensely benefit our Planet. Like any other energy field, the Photon Belt is also a personality with great Intelligence and anyone can contact and interact with it, to receive help and guidance.

The Photon Belt says that 2011 will be a year of opportunities. It says that when we go through any disturbance or turbulence in our daily lives, we have to surrender to the Supreme Intelligence and hold a lot of Light in our system. This will take care of the situation and help us sail through it without much difficulty. Those who have already chosen Light and begun to use it in their lives are able to surmount this phase with minimum problems or confusion.

The Photon Belt also says that the fundamentals of the transformation process towards the Light Age have already been initiated from 2009 itself. These processes will continue and get strengthened during this year and in 2012 before we make the actual entry into this Energy field. This personality also assures that at the end of all the churning and confusion of the pralaya period, Peace and Light shall prevail.

In the coming days, the influence and the efforts of the Photon Belt will result in the following events:

  • More individuals will open up to the Spiritual realities.
  • As the shortcomings in the individuals get exposed, their inner goodness will also be awakened and can easily be manifested in their everyday lives.
  • The inner faculties will begin to get activated in all individuals.
  • Many unethical business practices and unjust ways of life will get washed away, unable to absorb the newer energies that are being released now.
  • From this year onwards, the Rishis and other Spiritual masters will begin to take birth on our Earth.
  • Lord Kalki and Lord Mahavatara will become more active in their work and their presence will become more apparent to everyone.

The Photon Belt says that with hard work, truth and love we will be able to achieve anything in life. It advises us all to implement these values in our lives.

Other Activities  of the New Rishis in this month

The Rishis who come every year during Shoonya Masa to administer Creation are highly advanced and specialists in different fields. They oversee many important projects and activities during their stay and bless humanity with a number of gifts. Maharshi Amara says that the present batch of Rishis who’ve come this time are the most friendly and loving Rishis he has ever met.

For the first time in the history of our Planet, the special capsules filled with energies have been fixed in order to help individuals directly on their spiritual journey. The New Rishis personally monitored every individual and counselled them at the astral level. They also helped many who sought their assistance and guidance.

The Rishis have also fixed numerous gadgets onto the Rishi-workers to help them work better in the coming years. They’ve developed many new gadgets with the latest spiritual technologies and stored them in Maharshi Vasishta’s Lab. Apart from anchoring very new and special energies on our Earth, these Rishis have passed on abundant new knowledge to the Saptarishis. This knowledge will be revealed to Humanity in due course.

These great Rishis who are experts at manifesting Love, want to pass on a lot of Love and Light to our Earth and heal it further. They will be staying back until the end of June 2011 to execute many other projects. The details of these works and more information about these Rishis will be explained in a future article.

The Work of the Rishis in the past decade

The Rishis have long initiated many projects and been implementing them gradually, so that our Earth makes a smooth transition into the Light Age with minimum destruction and confusion. They’ve brought down knowledge and new energies to this effect over the past few years beginning from 2000.

  • In 2000, Vishwamitra Maharshi and other Rishis helped the descent of many important Souls who will help to spread Light at a rapid pace.
  • 2001 was the year when a lot of new Knowledge was brought down to our Earth.
  • In 2002, Vishwamitra Maharshi began to expose the dark forces and their activities to Humanity.
  • In 2003, the Second Sun and the Photon belt were revealed to the physical world for the first time, through direct sightings. Until then, these were experienced only in the astral realms.
  • 2004 witnessed the anchoring of immense energies all over the world by the Rishis.
  • The years 2005 and 2006 were a phase of monitoring our Earth, studying the effects of the work done in the previous years and deciding the future course of events.
  • In the beginning of 2007, Rishis decided to prepone the end of Pralaya from 2042 to 2012. Various projects were implemented to make this happen.
  • In 2008, Vishwamitra Maharshi brought down and anchored more new energies on our Earth, to help in a smoother Transition into the New Light Age.
  • 2009 was the year when the energies from Prakasha Brahma (RA Energies) were brought down and anchored in our Galaxy for the first time. These energies help in bringing more purity and transformation.
  • In 2010, Rishis anchored energies from Neela Brahma, which has more healing properties, all over the Earth.

The Year 2011

2011 has been eagerly awaited by the forces of Light as well as the Dark forces. The focus of the Rishis this year is to destroy the dark forces and the people who’re oriented towards the ways of negativities. Hence this Sankranthi will be a very important day when many important decisions will be taken regarding the welfare of our Earth.

The process of pralaya will be intensified in the coming months. This will help many more individuals choose Light, align with the positive forces and make efforts to transform in order to qualify for the New Light Age.

Our Earth will enter into deeper layers of the Photon Belt’s Aura between the months of April and September. The Photon Belt which has been specially energised off late will exert maximum influence on Humanity; hence we are expected to tune up to its higher vibrations. The Rishis say that we will witness many miracles on our planet in the last phase of this year. Their target is to expose and remove 3/4th of darkness present on our Earth by the end of this year.

The Rishis go out of their way to ensure that all these processes occur smoothly. It is now left to the individuals to co-operate with these positive forces, make efforts to overcome the inherent negativities and choose the ways of Light. To assist the Rishis lift humanity into the New Light Age, we have to make efforts to transform and accept the grace from God.

♦       ♦       ♦

Sankranthi literally means ‘a new beginning’. This is the day when we can make a sankalpa, a resolution to end our old ways of living and step into a new paradigm where Love and Light guide us every step on the way. Let this day herald such new beginnings in our lives.

♦       ♦       ♦

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  • Nithya Rajaram says:

    I subscribe to brother Gopi’s comments i also felt some change and deeply felt connected to the saptharishis yes we are all a part of a huge puzzle picture love to be in this time

  • keshavamurthy says:

    I am so excited to witness the events which will happen in the new year. Thanks to the efforts of Rishis and Divine personalities. Once again i am thankful to Vishwaamara light team for bringing this knowledge to us.

  • Romana Tepper says:

    Thank you! You are my most precious jewel helping to sail safely through the turbulent times.

  • Nithya Rajaram says:

    superb article bow you all The Rishis Rishi workers and the vishwa amara team

    Excellent work

  • Shikha says:

    An article showering so much of knowledge and LIGHT! Always falling short of words to felicitate the efforts of Rishis, VA team and the site, I see my hopes being brighter, hopes for a better world – full of Light!

  • Gopi says:

    A article again giving positive vibrations. The counseling part of every individuals done by rishis is awesome work, I think i felt it. But only now realizing tat it was guided by Rishis. : ) Pls bless with more light. Thank you.

    Thanks for educating more and more.

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