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Punyathiti of Maharshi Amara 2014

Submitted by on August 25, 2014 – 4 Comments

Maharshi Amara lived a quiet life and focused his efforts in working for God. He shared the Wisdom from the Rishis and the Science of Meditation to the individuals who were interested and assisted them in their spiritual growth. This work of guiding individuals in Spirituality increased after 1974, when Kali Yuga ended on our Earth. During his life, he helped thousands to attain Mukti.

He left his body on the 25th of August 1982.

His life, teachings and works continue to influence us till date. On this day, on his death anniversary, we fondly remember him with reverence and love, and express our gratitude for His service to God’s Creation and for all the help he has showered on us.

Maharshi Amara is the Rishi in charge of our Earth and has taken birth often in the past and helped in the upliftment of humanity. Even now he continues to monitor, guide and assist us and the Earth at the astral level.

In each of his life on the Earth, he left behind a lot of his energies so that people could still connect to them and be benefitted. Maharshi Amara mentioned that most of those energies were meant to help people during Kali Yuga and their purpose is over. The old energies were also hindering his present work.

For the past week, he has been withdrawing all the old energies of his, from the Earth. Today on 25th August, he anchored an enormous quantity of new and fresh energies which he gathered through Tapas, on our Earth. These new energies will help everyone connect to him better and will also help humanity during the transition.

With these energies, he will also be initiating many new projects that have been assigned to him.


His Work

Presently, Maharshi Amara is working in Andromeda Galaxy and is involved with several experiments on new Light Energies and various Sound energies. For this special project, he is assisted by a team of hundred Rishis and a hundred Rishi-workers. Through various experiments, Maharshi Amara wants to create a new energy field which will be deployed around our Earth in due course. The main function of this newly created energy field will be towards maintaining the vibrations of the Light Age on the Earth. It will also be designed to detect any dark and negative energies/beings trying to enter from outside and destroy them.

Other than this project, he is training and equipping Lord Kalki in various areas. He is also involved in teaching and training the Rishi-workers associated with our Earth to battle the negative groups.


Message from Maharshi Amara

On the occasion of his Punyathiti, Maharshi Amara reiterates that all the basics of Spirituality and the requirements to equip and shift into the Light Age have already been explained many times. We have to continue persisting with our efforts in manifesting all of them.

He continues “all the changes to occur, including the dawn of the Light Age has to begin from the individual. It comes down to our purity levels, our belief system and the quality of our thoughts and emotions. Please take responsibility for your own actions and always work towards refining them. This will facilitate a smooth spiritual growth as well as improve the energy field of positivity around you.”

“As our Earth belongs to a plane of Duality, every situation in life brings with it a positive and a not so positive. It is the freewill of every individual to decide on which aspect they want to connect to. The choice decides whether the individual lives in love and peace, or keep suffocating and suffering.”

He says that “Adopt and Accommodate” is the new spiritual mantra that one has to follow. These key words are the substitute for ‘surrender’, which is often misunderstood.

Another important reminder from him is the necessity to connect to Light more often and manifest it in our living. “Connect to your Soul as often as you can, listen and then implement. Open up and grow spiritually. You are your own master. And there is no limit to spiritual growth. Every individual has the potential to grow to the highest.”

“The essential tools of spiritual growth are sincerity, dedication and hard work. If everyone is sincere in their Sadhana, the advance spiritual stages like becoming a Light body and Enlightenment is easily possible.”

He also mentions that many individuals may not believe in God, especially in religion. It is not so important. The essence of a spiritual journey is to lead a righteous life. Outgrowing all the human qualities that limit us, like criticising others, sarcasm, judging, cheating and back stabbing should be stopped completely. As the saying goes, what goes around, comes around. Start adopting and manifesting the universal principles like love, truth, humility and accommodation and we shall be connecting to these values more often. Then we will observe drastic improvements and amazing positive changes in our life.

♦       ♦       ♦

Maharshi Amara wants to emphasise the value of ‘gratitude’ in our lives and wants everyone to make it a natural part of our living. Gratitude is one of the main virtues of spirituality. Let us always be thankful to God; at least to the situation and the positive incidents in our life. Gratitude helps to nurture from within. It helps to manifest abundance and we don’t take anything for granted. Indirectly it helps to keep a check on the ego.

We can start every day connecting to all the beautiful things and events in our life and have the deep sense of gratitude towards it. It strengthens the positive energies within and orients the day well.

Sincere Gratitude is one of the best ways to adopt Light in our lives.

♦       ♦       ♦

Maharshi Amara mentions that he is available for everyone and anyone and has promised to help every individual on the Earth with his knowledge, blessings, love and energies. The only request from him is for everyone to be open and then to make efforts from their end.

His biggest prayer and request to all is to treat everyone with respect and as equals, with love and care. He wants the entire humanity to put aside all the petty differences which are keeping them apart and move ahead. Satya Yuga is about ONE humanity.

♦       ♦       ♦

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  • Romana says:

    Yes, we can never show enough of gratitude to God and His messengers! A heartful “Thank you” to you!

  • Ani says:

    Nice message from Amara Maharshi…

  • Sudarshan says:

    On this day of Him becoming universally one… I extend my gratitude to Amara Maharshi.
    So much of Love and patience in assisting entire humanity. Every time we connect to Him… their is so much newness and clarity. Thanks to VA team for posting His messages. All that he taught in this crisp and clear message. Maharshi AMARA puts all the responsibility of our spiritual growth on Our Selves. Best message ever.

    Many many Thanks to VishwaAmara team…

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