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Maharshi Amara Jayanti 2024

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We observe the birth anniversary of Maharshi Amara on 1st February.

Maharshi Amara was an important personality on Earth. He worked with the Rishis till his demise (mid-1982), and his work has been instrumental for the end of Kali Yuga on Earth. His work was usually “behind the scenes” and most of them have not been revealed.

This birth of Maharshi Amara was a very important one and there were many astral preparations even before he took birth. This included preparing the Earth, to the birth of his parents beforehand. His mother had to do Tapas before taking birth. After her birth also, she practised a lot of Sadhana before giving birth to him.

His entire life was dedicated to the work of the Rishis and God. Maharshi Amara has a simple personality and his very ambition is to serve God. All his personal efforts and prayers are towards this.

He is a Universe of knowledge and Light, rich with life’s experiences.

The Rishis mention that Maharshi Amara is one of God’s best channels and he has dedicated his life to serving God. This does not mean we take it for granted. We have to learn to take his guidance seriously and to follow them unconditionally.

He was a personification of humility and perfection. Humility does not mean a weakness or being meek. In the Spiritual context, Humility is the absence of Ego. Maharshi Amara has worked very hard to become a perfect channel for the Rishis and God. There is no distortion, judgment or prejudice when it comes to their work.

A special characteristic of Humility is that this is a quality of Light. Negative individuals and dark forces cannot manifest this quality. He has used this to the maximum extent to manifest the Divine’s will on Earth.

Presently, Maharshi Amara resides in Andromeda Galaxy and is actively involved in the pursuit of new knowledge and understanding of the Divine. His efforts are towards bridging the existing knowledge to the new ones and using all this to enhance life in the Creation.

Andromeda Galaxy is presently his University where new knowledge of the Rishis is being stored and research is always underway to explore more. His present topic of research and experiencing is “Inner Universes”.

He is also present astrally on Earth and is one of the most active Rishis guiding and helping humanity.

What makes Maharshi Amara Special

Spiritually, he belongs to a very high order of Rishis, yet he is childlike in his curiosity and always wants to explore, discover and research more.

He is a very hard working individual, yet silent in his achievements. He is one of the best and perfect channels of God’s work in Creation. He aims for perfection in all his work and has a very unique style.

He has taken birth multiple times to help humanity. Each time, he first studies the place and makes a lot of effort to blend and adapt to the place. Then he anchors newness, enriches and advances life which has an impact for many generations.

He has always played a very important role in the betterment of humanity on our Earth.

His philosophy has always involved him showing respect to all life including the smallest organism. This requires a lot of love and kindness within to do so. He is also an expert in allowing only certain emotions to manifest.

His work for the Rishis and the Divine usually involves working under tough and rigid conditions. He executes all this with the same Love and kindness which gives him one of the unique statuses among the Rishis. It requires immense Inner work and Divinity to do so.

He is one of the Rishis who has helped in the upliftment of women during the Kali Yuga period and petitioned God (through the Saptarishis) to bring equality in genders. This was granted by the Divine in 50’s. His work has also extended into helping many women attain Rishihood.

His personification of humility is unparalleled. He achieved so much during this life as Ambarisha Varma, yet there was no trail of ego.

Maharshi Amara is one of the most practical Rishis one can come across. He knows the intricacy and difficulties of life and always guides the individuals keeping this reference. There are no idealistic preachings from him.

Humanity, and this Creation is truly blessed to have him as a part of us.

The Principles Maharshi Amara wants all of us to focus on

1. Be Kind to yourself first—

Each individual requires all the love and nurturing that they can receive. It is then that we can easily share and spread it with others. Experiencing kindness first helps us to be more empathetic and considerate. It also creates room for growth, love, non-judgement and accommodating the mistakes of others. These values are very important, especially in these turbulent Pralaya times.

2. Prioritize, create a Discipline and then Manifest—

These three in order form the fundamental principles that will help us sail smoothly in this period. They are also essential when dealing with shortcomings and negativity, as these aspects have no beginning or end.

We begin with sincere intention and then prioritize from the multitude of wishes and things to be done. This has to be then put into action by creating discipline and channelling our efforts.

It is easier to follow this when we are able to note it down and perceive it visually. Journals and notes help in following up and asses our progress. They also are constant reminders.

3. Deep Breathing, Pranayama, Light—

Deep Breathing and Pranayama with Light are simple but very effective practices. They help us become Aware, calm ourselves down, focus and also relax. We can shift our awareness from a panic-mode to a level of understanding and take efficient action.

These simple exercises are very effective. In fact, the regular practice of Pranayama with Light will help heal various long term ailments.

Take the help of Light as much as you can. Connect to it, fill yourself with it and keep experiencing as much as you can. Make God/Light your companion.

4. Choose where to spend your energy—

Another important point is choosing where you put your Awareness and spend your energy. There are various issues of daily life that do not require our involvement, especially those that drain us. Why get into issues and arguments when they can be avoided completely! Choose your “battles”. This will improve your energy levels as well as have an impact on your mental health.

Then the qualities of being tolerant and patient are very important. Learn to manifest them in your living. If you are not able to do these with yourself, you definitely cannot expect others to do so with you.

The more we can manifest tolerance and patience, the better is our quality of life. It also helps us to balance the various aspects of ours. Patience and Tolerance are very important principles that the world has to adopt going ahead.

5. Reflect within, when your outside world is Chaotic—

For most of the instances in our lives, the outside world is a mirror to what we have within. When certain incidents happen repeatedly, and we continue to struggle despite our efforts, it helps to take some time to reflect and contemplate.

Try to understand the essence of the outside incidents, and understand the various forms in which it is present within. For example, we could be repeatedly facing a lot of judgement and criticism in the outer world. This is mirroring our nature of being critical and judgmental. Sometimes, they are present in a subtle way and we would not even be aware of it. We have to contemplate and identify these aspects. Then accept, love, heal and make efforts to outgrow. This will automatically reflect in the outer world.

6. Surrender, Let go and Forgive—

Surrender is probably one of the most important, yet misunderstood concepts of Spirituality. The word surrender is usually used in the context of defeat— “One surrender to another during war” etc. Hence there is a defeatist attitude when dealing with concept.

Another misconception is that if we surrender to God, then God will keep doing everything and we need not do anything. We are only a “channel”! While parts of this are true, it is so only when we are in a higher state of Awareness. Surrender doesn’t take away our actions and efforts.

Defining it in the Spiritual context, Surrender is the conscious aligning of our Individual Will with that of the Divine Will.

We choose to follow the Higher Will, and not follow our free will. This is Surrender. It is a choice we make every time, and we execute the choice through our efforts.

We become proficient in this with practice, and over time.

••      ••       ••

There are various incidents in our life that bother and hurt us. For our own sake, we have to let go of these and forgive. Even if we do not forgive at the external level (to the person), internally we forgive and move on.

We do this with kindness and compassion. In the course of time, love and empathy will kick in automatically. This also helps us to lead our lives positively.

7. Don’t wear your shortcomings and negativity as your badge. Work on them—

All of us have come across people who cite their shortcomings proudly and use that as an excuse. For example, “I am a short tempered person. Hence I react like this”.

Identifying one’s shortcomings is good. But that doesn’t give us the license to use it as a shield. We have to start finding ways to overcome them.

It is undoubtedly difficult and will require persistent efforts, but every shortcoming and negativity can be overcome. And, it is important for us to overcome these as a part of our Spiritual growth.

8. Do not indulge in Excesses—

First, treat your body right. Eat healthy, exercise and keep it fit, and choose a positive lifestyle. Your body is your “Spiritual Temple”.

The materialist world is very inviting and tempting. It can be glamorous but do not get caught in the web of materialist impulses. What is the point of overburdening yourself with unnecessary financial obligations and losing your mental peace over it? Try to live within your means and focus on leading a more fulfilling life.

9. Manifest Gratitude whenever and wherever possible—

Being Grateful is an important Spiritual fundamental principle. We learn to acknowledge all that we have and all the good that is happening. It also creates a strong sense of contentment and an ability to connect to the positive aspects of life.

The indirect impacts of Gratitude include better digestion in the system and a more Spiritual living.

Connecting to and Experiencing Maharshi Amara

We will have the presence of Maharshi Amara for three days— 1st to 3rd Feb. Practice the following technique on these three days to connect with him and experience. 

Face North
Duration— 1 to 2 hours

Begin with 7 rounds of Pranayama with bright Golden Light

Express your Love, gratitude, and Light to Maharshi Amara. You can also place your prayers to him. Be open to receiving guidance, knowledge and energies.

Imagine Fluorescent Green Light coming from Maharshi Amara and allow this to fill your entire body. Experience for some time. 

Then extend the Light to your physical Heart. Imagine it absorbing the Light and getting engulfed by it. Experience for some time. 

Then connect and experience the Light, and through the Light experience the Oneness with the Divine and God. Keep experiencing. 

Repeat the mantra “Om Paripoornaya, Amara Shaktiyai Namaha” silently. 

••      ••       ••       ••       ••

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  • Yogi says:

    A very interesting article, with lots of pointers to ponder over n over to inculcate in daily life. You have put it in very simple words, I had all these points running in my mind for long and i really feel blessed to see all those points in this article which came as a reminder. I take this opportunity with my prayers to Maharshi Amara to strengthen the intent and work towards to attain those spiritual aspects. May this celebration of Maharshi Amara Jayanti shower light on all beings and help everyone to march towards the divine.

  • Archana says:

    Simple yet profound personality Amara is,is beyond our understanding.
    Thank you for penning down this article.

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