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Guru Purnima

Submitted by on July 22, 2013 – 3 Comments

We celebrate a very important occasion on this day of Guru Purnima. It is the day of offering our respects and love to the ‘Guru’. In reality, it is also the day where we celebrate our movement from darkness to Light, and honour those who assist us in this movement. This day carries great significance to all life on this planet!

‘Guru Purnima’ is the day where we remember our mentors, teachers and Spiritual Guides. These are the ones who help us learn and grow in life. And they are also the ones who take us towards the real Guru…God Himself!

God is the one who dispels all ignorance and negativities. He is the one who helps us experience peace and love, and move towards Perfection. The Light from God brings us Knowledge, Wisdom and the Strength to manifest the various positive qualities in our life.

The real Guru of humanity is the Supreme God—ParaBrahma; our Source and Creator! The day dedicated to worship this formless God is Guru Purnima!

Importance of Guru Purnima

The lunar month of ‘Ashada’ witnesses a huge influx of energies and love from the highest source in our Universe. The reason for this is that our entire Cosmos gets into a particular alignment to facilitate this energy flow. This flow intensifies as we approach the full moon day of Guru Purnima and then wanes gradually.

The intense flow of energies and Light on Guru Purnima helps anyone to experience the Highest with very little effort. Any individual in the whole Cosmos can link up the Supreme Intelligence on this day, learn from Him and embrace Him totally. They can connect to Him personally, share their experiences or problems and communicate with Him. This is the day where we can experience Oneness with the entire Creation of God!

This day is dedicated to the worship of the ‘Formless’. The worship happens when we experience Him, surrender to him and finally merge our awareness completely in Him. One can receive an abundance of Light, Energies, Unconditional Love, Knowledge and Wisdom from ParaBrahma. He also gives many rare and precious gifts to his entire Creation on this day.

On this day, we take spiritual oaths, resolutions and other decisions and then with the blessings from God, go ahead to implement and manifest them. These resolutions and oaths relate to both the spiritual and material aspects of our lives.

This day also brings rare opportunities to every individual to link with the Universe, understand Creation and know more about the diversity and manifestations of ParaBrahma. Each can also know more about ones purpose of life on this day.

Although these are possible on other days of the year, they can be easily accomplished on this day because of the direct flow of Energies.

Importance of Guru Purnima for Humanity

The ability to commune with God, directly, is the most important aspect of this day. All individuals on our Planet receive a small quantity of the special energies from ParaBrahma on this day. Those who are aware of the uniqueness of this day, and those who engage in devotional activities of singing bhajans or hymns will be absorbing more of these energies. But the maximum energies are received by those who engage in meditations and other spiritual practices.

This day brings us many opportunities to outgrow our negativities and remove our inner darkness. The energies of Guru Purnima cleanse our system, burn some stubborn karmas, clear various blocks and assist in overcoming many difficulties in our lives. They hasten our Spiritual Growth. These energies help in exploring Creation and many unknown realities.

There is always a new change in the Cosmos on the day of Guru Purnima, every year. The new energies which are released are of a higher frequency and many times, they result in sharp changes. They cleanse and remove the unwanted old energies in the Cosmos. This day is also a platform for many new projects which are executed later.

However, these energies will be monitored by the Rishis in Planets like our Earth, which are going through Pralaya. The energies will be carefully released so as to not disrupt the many special processes that are executed as a part of transition!

Unknown aspects of Guru Purnima

The Supreme Intelligence, ParaBrahma, makes himself available in the form of Light, Energies and Knowledge which humanity can absorb with ease and utilise them. This is a beautiful day to anchor Energies on our Earth, take ‘Sankalpas’ (spiritual resolutions) and work towards ones transformation.

When the entire Cosmos gets aligned to ParaBrahma, the inflowing Light is absorbed by the Galaxies, Stars, Planets and all sentient beings other than Humans. Usually the energies that arrive will be too strong and hence difficult for the individuals to absorb. The Saptarishis play a vital role in breaking down these energies into easily absorbable components. They also ensure that these energies spread uniformly and fairly to the entire Cosmos.

ParaBrahma has a special love for the Rishis who work on His behalf to administer the whole Existence. On the day of Guru Purnima, a discussion happens about the last years’ occurrences and events on every Planetary system in the Cosmos. The Saptarishis are assigned many special projects and decisions are taken regarding the future course of work. God also rewards the Rishis with lots of gifts and new energies among other things required for the mission ahead.

For example: In the Guru Purnima of 2008, He permitted the Rishis to access the Unmanifested Universes and tap those energies for their work. He gave them special ways to protect themselves in alien environments, travel without space suits and manage themselves in various timeless zones of the unique environments of the Unmanifested Worlds! He also permitted them to bring back those energies and anchor them across the Cosmos, including our Earth, so that a rapid transformation could be achieved.

Guru Purnima is also the day when the new Souls from ParaBrahma which descend into Creation for the first time, take birth on various Earths in our Cosmos.

This is also the day which is celebrated by the dark forces, since they too are created from the same source. Just like the Light forces, they too experience the energies and receive many gifts from the Supreme Intelligence!

On Guru Purnima day, the Saptarishis and Vishwamitra Maharshi along with millions of Rishi workers and Light workers gather near ParaBrahma, meditate, experience Him and collect a lot of knowledge and energies. They are also given many gifts, gadgets and Light which are to be passed on to Creation and required for the work ahead.

A divine connection is created astrally between ParaBrahma and His Creation for the whole month of Ashada. This month is very important for our Cosmos, as it gets automatically recharged, new energies are pumped in and any manifested anomalies are restored to a balance. This divine connection gets further enhanced on the day of Guru Purnima. A single strong connection gets established from ParaBrahma through the four Lokas of the Divine Cosmos and our Material Cosmos.

This unique alignment and connection establishes a special bonding of Oneness in the entire Creation. We can easily relate to this experience of oneness with our efforts. Also, this alignment results in generating a very rare power. This power helps in creating and manifesting special gadgets and capacities which are gifted by God to the Rishis.

Conclusion: A day of Gratitude

‘Guru Dakshina’ is a gift one offers to the Guru for all the guidance and help received. The Rishis say that the best Guru Dakshina that we can offer is to transform ourselves and manifest the ‘True Guru’ (Light) in our lives completely.

Guru Purnima is a day to receive and absorb the special energies flooding from the highest source in our Universe. But it is also much more than this. It is a day to be grateful for all the blessings and love that we have received from the Rishis and God. It is the day to thank the higher intelligence for bestowing the divine grace on us. Apart from being aligned and meditating as much as possible on this day, we need to carry on this spiritual resolve for all the days of the year.

A very important process in the dawn of the ‘Light Age’ on this Earth is the individual transformation of each one of us. This can happen when we manifest our true nature—Love and Peace. We have to follow and practice the main principle of Truth and make all efforts to overcome the vices like anger, greed and jealousy. We have to be totally non-judgemental towards others and be of service to them to the maximum extent possible.

Let us develop more gratitude in our living and gratitude towards God. Let us resolve to remove our inner darkness and manifest more light in our lives. Let us make more efforts to be united with others so that we can collectively work towards the higher goal.

Let Guru Purnima be the day when we resolve to do and be all of this!

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  • Venkat Girish says:

    I bow to my guru’s feet with great humility. No words of gratitude can match to praise all my gurus. “Love you”.

  • Anindo Chakraborty says:

    Thank you for the wonderful article!

  • Shikha says:

    This is such a lovely one on this lovely day, one can easily feel the wonderful energies just by reading this article ! Wish you a very Happy Guru Poornima and heartiest congratulations on completing 3 years, dear VA Team. Kavitha and Karthik, thank you for being you ! You are both epitomes of Light itself.

    Gratitude and divine love.

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