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Experiencing Maharshi Amara – Centenary Birthday

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Occasions like the birthday and death anniversaries of the Spiritual masters are observed by many as they are opportunities to muse and reflect upon their life and works. These are also opportunities to connect to them more deeply and receive their blessings, energies and love. The inner understanding of their life helps to gain inspiration and strengthen our spiritual progress.

We observe the Birth Anniversary of Maharshi Amara on Feb 1st. This anniversary is also his Centenary Birthday (born 1st Feb, 1919).

Maharshi Amara always executed his work silently and offered all the credits of his service to God. He was the personification of humility. He also contains an ocean of knowledge and Wisdom

We can connect to him and experience all these aspects. We can also try and connect to his ‘silent’ nature and hardworking aspect. We will be able to understand more about him and experience deeper.

This year, he will be available on Earth for three days (1st to 3rd) and during this period we can connect to him and experience him. The following technique can be practiced from the 1st to the 3rd.

Face North
Duration – as long as you want.

Begin with 7 rounds of Pranayama with bright-Blue Light.

Then connect to Maharshi Amara and offer your respects, love and gratitude to him. You can place your prayers to him as well.

Then imagine bright Fluorescent dark-Green Light coming from Maharshi Amara and allow this to fill your physical body. Experience it for some time.

Then extend the same Light to your prayers, wishes and Sankalpas. Keep sending the Light for some time and imagine them to shine and radiate with the Light.

Finally, imagine the Light to fill your Soul and then keep experiencing the Oneness with Maharshi Amara.

Keep repeating the mantra “Om Haritha Shaktiyai, Amara Athmaya Tejasyai Namaha” silently.


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