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Amara Jayanti – 2014

Submitted by on February 1, 2014 – 5 Comments

Occasions like the birthday and death anniversaries of the Spiritual masters are observed by many as they are opportunities to muse and reflect upon their life and works. They are also opportunities to connect to them more deeply and receive their blessings, energies and love. The inner understanding of their life helps to gain inspiration and strengthen our spiritual progress. February 1st, is the Birthday of Maharshi Amara. Maharshi Amara was one such great master whose life, teachings and presence has helped in the transformation of thousands.

With the grace of the Divine, we have been able to understand more about him in the larger picture. Understanding his role expands one’s horizons and helps in connecting to his infinite love and patience.

Maharshi Amara has been working for the Rishis right from the beginning of his existence. He is the personification of love and humility, and the most trusted associate of the Vishwatejas Mulabrahmarishi (Vishwamitra Maharshi) and Vasishtha Maharshi. His dedication and love towards the work of the Rishis is unparalleled. And he is very easy to connect with. Anyone who has tried to connect with him would have easily experienced his warmth and unconditional love. He is the pillar of strength, inspiration and hope for everyone.

Maharshi Amara is in charge of the Rishis work in Seven Galaxies including our Milky Way Galaxy. Because of this responsibility he has taken birth many times on our Earth and in each birth helped the advancement of humanity in various fields. Just in the last century, he has taken multiple births as a philosopher and saint. He also took birth as Leonardo Da Vinci and Charles Darwin to advance the knowledge in science and arts. Similarly he has been a king, a musician, an explorer and a scientist and each has left its impact on humanity.

Other than all this, presently Maharshi Amara has also taken birth in millions of bodies across the Creation to assist in the work of the Rishis!


The Rishis mention that from today onwards (1st Feb, our earth’s time), he will begin to focus more on the Milky Way Galaxy and towards the transformation processes underway. Lord Kalki has equipped with a lot of his energies and powers and henceforth whenever we link to him, we will be getting connected to the energies of Lord Kalki also.

There would be an astral travel on the night of the 1st of Feb, where the entire humanity will be gathering and meeting him along with Mulabrahmarishi Vishwatejas and Vasishtha Maharshi. (This communication may not be read by all before the event, but the entire humanity will be taken for the meeting) In the meeting everyone will again be educated about the transition process and then individually educated about their roles and responsibilities and then a lot of strength, love and energies will be given.

On this day, Maharshi Amara has also brought a very special and new energy which was created from the Light of Dvitiya Brahman, Aprupa Brahman and Apoorva Brahman. This energy was initially tested on all the Rishiworkers on the Earth and after fine tuning it, it is being released to the entire Earth. These energies will hasten the transition processes.

These special energies will also be released through various energy grids all across our Galaxy and help in the manifestation of the special project of Pavitrena Karyam.


Maharshi Amara mentions that more than any new information, he wants everyone to start implementing all that has already been told to us.

He mentions that all have to become more open and this will help in grasping the newer realities easily and coping up with the new energies and the transformation processes.

He emphasises again on focusing towards our spiritual growth and in manifesting love and truth. He also advises to strengthen our Meditations so that the changes can occur smoothly and at a faster pace. It will also help in tuning up to Light and experiencing it.

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  • VP says:

    I have a small doubt. If possible please clear it.

    I have read many of your articles wherein you have emphatised that humanity has to change and draw energy from the source to experience light in their life. What will happen to people who are stubborn and do not change in life at all?

  • kishore says:

    Thank u for everything…,

  • Shikha says:

    Dear VA Team,

    Amazing article ! The revelations are beautiful ! Feels blessed to be reading it all. Its heartening to know about Amaraji’s new births all across the creation. His message sinks in with more ease. Respect and Namaskar to him. Gratitude to you for bringing it all forth.

    Divine Love.

  • Nagaraj Ganapa says:

    Namaskaram Vishwatejas Karthik & Maitreyi,
    I was very eagerly waiting for this article from yesterday. I felt very good after reading it. Thanks for that.
    I have a query, what is the significance of the Image that is used in all such articles? In specific, image that was used in previous (Vishwatejas Mulabrahmarishi) & today’s this article?

    Many thanks,
    Nagaraj Ganapa

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