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2019 — Messages from the Rishis

Submitted by on January 1, 2019 – 2 Comments

We wish you a very happy New Year.

The New Year comes as a whiff of fresh air and brings hope and excitement. The year 2019 contains energies and vibrations of Gratitude and Kindness, an abundance of Wisdom and a lot of help for each individual. In fact it carries energies which will be familiar to us like that of the 90’s.

The year is designed to bring out a lot of positivity from each individual and from humanity collectively. Many good things will manifest in every life, if we allow it. This is also the year where many experimentations take place with the Light Age energies and we can reap large benefits if we open up and receive them.

Ups and downs are a natural part of every individual’s life and happens every year. There are highs and lows in our lives and we cannot escape this. Our attitude and outlook has to accommodate this. When things are going well, let us enjoy it and in parallel acknowledge and be thankful for it. When the going is tougher, let us train ourselves to detach, learn the lessons and allow the phase to pass through.

This Year contains a lot of wisdom in it. The more we are able to connect to it, the better we can tap into the guidance available and lead our lives wisely. We also get more clarity about the transition and understand Spiritual realities better. These aspects aid our Sadhana immensely.

The focus of the year is on us, the individuals. We have to Love ourselves more and allow a lot of nurturing to take place. Self-trust and Self-belief along with loving ourselves is the key. This is also the year where we have to be more patient and focus further on balancing the different aspects of our lives.

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Following are the messages and guidance that have been expressed by our Rishis and the Shunya Masa Rishis. We may be familiar with many, but it is good to be reminded of them periodically. The messages from the Rishis contain real Pearls of Wisdom and if we can implement them, great transformation and growth can be achieved.


Messages from our Rishis

The Rishis say that making the right choices and then accepting the flow of life will be the principle motto this year. This year will extract a lot of hard work from us. We have to be immensely patient. The rewards we reap will be as per our actions and efforts.

They also mention that in the New Year, make Sankalpas to be kinder and gentler and to express more empathy. The more selfless we are, the more we experience the Divine as these are directly the qualities of God.

They also repeat the instruction of taking the help of Light as often as we can. The more Light we use, the better are the results. Pray to the Light and then channel it to the work we are involved in. We accomplish many things efficiently through this process.

In addition to this, manifest Love and patience consciously. These qualities will help manifest our long term prayers and our hard work yields wonderful results.

The Rishis mention that Prayers are also very important. Prayers along with Light will open up newer approaches of dealing with old issues.

They say, learn patience. Patience comes from Love. Let this patience reflect in our work and attitude, and also in our expectations from the transition. Breathe more and consciously have a positive attitude.

Do not lose hope. In fact strengthen your faith and belief in the positive. Carry all your actions sincerely and passionately and do not take short cuts. The energies present this year will help you clear most hurdles and obstacles and also encourage you further.

Do not take anything for granted as each thing that’s exists takes immense time to manifest and implement. When we value and respect the things around and that we have, we strengthen the positivity within.

Furthermore they say, Smile more, and do not take yourself for granted. Be loving and kind to yourself. Express gratitude and thanks to yourself for everything you accomplish. Let us not lose sight on where we have come and the things that have manifested in our lives during the quest of wanting to grow further. In this aspect also, let there be a balance.

Also focus on nourishing yourself well, exercise and strengthen your positive habits. Focusing on good hobbies apart from your routine also helps towards balanced life.

Concentrate on balancing the different aspects of your life. The New Year has many energies pertaining to this and with proper efforts, we can lead a happy and complete life.

The Rishis finally mention that Understanding, Compromising where required and being empathetic will help make us peaceful, loving and healthier. Let us also help out our fellow beings when and where possible. The Earth too requires a lot of care and love.

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Messages from the Shunya Masa Rishis

The Shunya Masa Rishis have come from a Cosmos called as Prachalitha Loka and are called as “Prakasha Vani Maharishis”. The creation they are from is widely different from ours. Their Creation has lesser freewill and is largely peaceful. The individuals also have 18 koshas surrounding them unlike our five and the experiences and sense are widely different.

The Prakasha Vani Rishis are widely impressed with our Creation and the opportunities we have. One of our Rishis quipped that our Creation is like satellite television whereas theirs is like the good old Doordarshan. The four Rishis who have come are Mridyu Dutta Nath Maharshi, Brahmi Ranga Maharishika, Triveni Vani Maharishika, and Nara Shikar Ranga Maharshi. Following are the messages from each of them—

Messages from Mridyu Datta Nath Maharshi

Mridyu Datta Nath Maharshi is the eldest among the four Rishis and the wisest too. He usually splits himself into two while working. One half of him does Tapas and generates the necessary energies and powers while the other half executes the work. He is an expert in inventing powers, creating electricity like energies and activating any dormant area.

He is very thorough in his thought processes and plans everything before manifesting. He is the personification of Wisdom and even God takes his help many times for various works.

The Rishi says “This year, make a Sankalpa to be more open, receptive, alert and observant. And importantly Patient. These aspects will help you to grow spiritually. Also knowingly or unknowingly, the energies of these aspects break old patterns and heal the other unhealed ones. This is very much required in this period.

Manifesting these in the beginning may be difficult, but once you start to taste the benefits, it will enthuse you to make more efforts and work harder to manifest them further. Experiencing Life becomes more spectacular and you start living the purpose of your descent with more meaning.

Another important thing to always practice is to go with the flow of life. Being flexible is an important part of Spirituality and it has to be adopted by every individual. Contemplate and put this into practice.

Do not take yourself for granted. It is a valuable and important lesson. Once you are able to respect and love yourself, you will be amazed at the wonderment of life and not get caught in the chaos. You will also begin to witness your capacity and potential that can be manifested.

Connect to your Soul as often as you can and take help. There is a lot of Light, guidance and assistance available within and make this practice a priority this year. Connecting to the Inner Self will be a different experience for each individual. It may vary from connecting to the kindness, to hardwork, to compassion, to empathy, to love or to the Light. Connect to your strengths and work on them further. You will be able to manifest miracles and influence everyone around with these inner qualities.

In a day, spend atleast an hour for yourself. This is of course other than for eating and sleeping. This time for yourself is which helps your body and mind, especially the heart. This is the period where you rest and compose, and nurture yourself. This is the period when you can reflect and express your gratitude and connect to joy and bliss. Taking care of yourself is very important.

Always remember “nothing is permanent”. This is the reality of Creation and life is an experience of the diversity, nothing more.

So breathe often, smile and be patient. This will help you to balance, accept and accommodate people and life.”


Messages from Brahmi Ranga Maharishika

Brahmi Ranga Maharishika is the sister of Lord Brahma. They were created together by ParaBrahma, long long ago. This Rishi is very calm and composed and very sweet by nature. She is an expert in Sound codes, mental powers and in Singing. With her sound codes, she can energise an entire Brahmanda, if required.

She has unique powers in her fingers and fingernails. She has 10 fingers like everyone, but can multiply them if required depending on the work situation. She is the personification of executing Divine projects silently and perfectly.

The Rishi mentions that the humanity and Earth will witness a lot of goodness and gifts this year. It will be the year you experience more love and gratitude, and also receive a lot of rewards from God.

Link up and connect to Lord Kalki often this year and seek his guidance, help and support. It may be difficult in the beginning, but with love and perseverance, you will be able to. Give time and be patient and you will be able to sense His Light and guidance. A lot of your questions and problems will also get answered. The energies of 2019 will also be teaching and assisting all.

Work consciously on overcoming your negative patterns and behaviour. Not dealing with them creates only more issues and unwanted dramas in your life. There is nothing wrong in accepting that you have to change. Identify and work on them.

She says that the Rishis present in our Creation are one of the most selfless, unconditional and loving Rishis she has come across and mentions that we are very blessed that they are a part of our lives, and that we are looked after by them. Utilise their presence and Wisdom. It will make your life much more beautiful.

Irrespective of the period being hard and sometimes difficult, remember that there are no shortcuts. There are periods when your hard work do not yield results. But such are the realities of life. You cannot give up hope and allow the “failures” to take you in the wrong direction. Not giving up is a Spiritual strength and power.

The life and world around may seem chaotic and unclear. But things are going to a plan. Let us collectively pray for Peace and Harmony on Earth. The more the prayers, the quicker darkness ends. Prayers have their strength and make this prayer a part of your daily routine.

Even though most identify themselves only to the human form, always remember that God resides within you. Connect to this Light within and you can draw upon anything that you want.


Messages from Triveni Vani Maharishika

Triveni Vani Maharishika is the tallest of the Rishis and her height varies from 32 to 40 feet. She has the capacity to consciously change her height. The increase and decrease generates a lot of energies and powers and these can be used to destroy darkness easily.

This Rishi is beautiful, intelligent and a very kind person. She is also the most hard working, passionate and straight forward Personality. She hardly ever rests and has an inbuilt capacity of working twice as much as the other.

The Rishis says “Be strong and persistent to achieve your dreams and passions. You have taken birth in the body for this very purpose. Let the awareness of this help you focus.

Try to find your purpose and pursue. No one will come and state it explicitly to you. You have to explore and identify. The more you are closer to your purpose, the more you will start enjoying life and the experiences life gives. Accepting and accommodating will become easier and it will become a natural way of your lifestyle.

Be a channel and doorway to your dreams and passion. The more you allow it to flow, the more you will automatically want to work hard and achieve it.

In this pursuit of following your dreams, do not forgets the basics of Spirituality. Always connect to them. Only this will help you to build up strong pillars of Spirituality.

And do not underestimate or undervalue yourself. Appreciate, nurture and work hard. All that you want, will manifest.

Changes are happening on Earth and in your life for a reason. The program of God is always planned and calculated. The more you accept and tune to it, the better and easier it gets. Generally God’s ways and His principles are easy to understand. You have to make use of it and align.

She says that our Galaxy and Earth is blessed with an abundance of freewill. Use this freewill wisely and carefully, and value it. Anything given by God including this freewill always comes with a responsibility and misusing it is the reason we get stuck into the circle of life.

 Try to live life as positively and wisely as possible. Looking only to the negative sides of life and expecting good results is foolish. It is a well-known reality that as you sow, so shall you reap.”


Messages from Nara Shikhar Ranga Maharishi

Nara Shikhar Ranga Maharishi is the youngest of the four Rishis. He is also the brightest and most Intelligent. He has the unique power of “convincing” which is a major asset. He can also simplify any complicated and complex situation with this skill.

He is very humourous and uses this capacity to both heal as well as destroy the other person depending on the requirement. He also has the capacity to generate a lot of Light from the laughter. His Intelligence and smartness are his main strengths.

This Rishis says “Be dedicated and concentrate on your prayers and sankalpa. Pursuing anything in a half-hearted manner does not yield results.

Create your own positive energy field. It can vary from creating fields of Love, Perfection, Light, Hardwork, Intuition, Prayers, Peace, being Kind and Gentle and that of Inspiring yourself. The energies of this year help in all this and will benefit you not only now but in the years to come as well.

Never copy, duplicate or imitate others. This behaviour is only temporary and you will not be able to sustain what you are trying to manifest. Work on your own originality. This has its own strength and carries a permanent blessing from the Divine. You will discover more when you create and work on it.

2019 is a year of gifts and rewards. Make yourself eligible and deserving of them. If you do not use them, they will dissolve and disappear. These are precious opportunities and make use of them. Each gift is a package. Be receptive and accept the responsibilities they carry as well, lest they turn into a baggage.

Many want the Divine to materialise in front of them and help. Ask yourself – Are you ready to recognise, realize and welcome the Divine into your life? Have you equipped your life to be eligible and deserving of this? There is so much Divinity knocking on everyone’s lives but you have to recognise and open up. It is up to you to be deserving of it.

Add a lot of colour in your life like laughter, joy and smiles. Quit complaining, living in the past, worrying about the future and making excuses for your shortcomings. Learn to recognise the colours and the wonders present in life and in the Creation. All that can be a part of your life too.

Finally, have respect to your life and that of your elders. Have reverence to the Rishis. All this will prevent you from taking them casually and for granted. The Rishis of your Creation are so much more than you know and have experienced. Their nature is silent and they are always only focused on the work but let this not deter the truth of their reality.”

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  • Archana.Vishwanath says:

    How beautifully the messages have come.
    What a rewardful post! This Inspiration is indeed the need of the time we are in.
    Thank you for this beautiful post.

  • Shivangi says:


    The new year begins with such wonderful wisdom from great rishis. Wishing that everyone follows self-love and appreciation for others in the coming times.

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