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Our First Anniversary

Submitted by on July 15, 2011 – 18 Comments

A year has flown by on the wings of Time. Another Guru Pournima has arrived, carrying the sacred energies from the Source to all of us. These energies are gifts that the Supreme Intelligence sends to all Humanity on this sacred day. We at VishwaAmara consider these as a special gift from God on a very special occasion!

Today, we celebrate the first anniversary of starting our website. It is a moment of exhilaration, of shared happiness, of many emotions which do not have a name yet. Standing by the roadside near this small milestone, we feel the excitement of a one year old kid, who has just received his first gift. This moment is priceless.

We bow down in deep gratitude to everyone who has made this occasion possible.

♦       ♦       ♦

We started this website to share the spiritual knowledge that we were receiving from the Rishis in the Higher realms. Our intention was to put all this information in the public domain so that anyone could benefit and get assisted on his individual journey. In one year, we have published more than 50 articles which many thousands from over 130 countries across the world have read. Hats off to the social media and connectivity of the Internet which made this possible. It has also enabled us to connect to many other Light workers who are in similar service to Humanity.

Our journey was made easy by many helping hands and wishful hearts. Friends gave us laptops in the initial days when we had none. Well-wishers and even strangers supported us with their encouragement and donations after noticing our work over a period of time. This has helped us keep the website going on without having to charge for the content here or having advertisements and other distractions. Many informed their friends and relatives about us and brought more people to VishwaAmara. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to each one of them.

In this duration, we could also assist and guide many aspirants on their spiritual journey. With the grace and help of the Rishis, we were able to advise on the problems and spiritual doubts of many individuals. We could guide them with special techniques for their Sadhana. This is another area of our work which developed organically along with presenting information about the new spiritual realities.

Along with publishing new knowledge received from the Rishis and guiding individuals, we also participated in different works of the Rishis at the physical as well as astral levels. The physical level works were in India. We anchored new energies brought down by the Rishis at various sacred sites across India and also activated many dormant energy fields. We had to work in the three seas around the peninsular region for the welfare of the entire country. Work was also done in two states to bring about a change in the political system. There are many other works which we shall share at an appropriate time.

As Humanity advances towards the New Age, newer energies become available and hence the techniques to access and use them also get advanced and revised. The overall syllabus of Meditations at VishwaAmara will be changing from today. We shall intimate our students about these in the following weeks.

♦       ♦       ♦

Two weeks back we hinted at a special gift we’d been working on for the anniversary. Today we are releasing the book The Light Age – A guide to Humanity’s Spiritual Evolution. This ebook is available for a free download from the downloads section of our website  Click here for the downloads section

This book is a special gift from the Rishis to all of us. It has very valuable information about many aspects of the New Age that humanity is moving into and also great advice and suggestions that can help us sail through the current period of Pralaya. It carries the energies, blessings and love of the Great Masters for all of us.

In this book, we have consolidated the information about Pralaya, Earth Changes and the Light Age that we had already published on our website. And we have revised a lot of that content with the help from the Rishis. In the process of putting this knowledge together, we could understand the same concepts in a better light. Most importantly, we have added new information which has not been published before in our Articles.

We have put this new knowledge in entire chapters and also spread them across various sections of the book. Even if one is familiar with the concepts, a new read will help understand them better and also trigger new insights. To present all the knowledge surrounding the Light Age and Humanity’s movement into it holistically is the intent of this book.

Tell us how you felt after reading this book. Mail us your suggestions, feedback, even complaints. If you have any doubts, or need to know more about a particular aspect discussed, do write. All these will be incorporated in the subsequent editions of this book.

♦       ♦       ♦

We have consciously decided to give the book away for a free download, so that this sacred knowledge reaches far and wide, into many hearts across the world. The need of the hour is to wake up from our life-times of slumber and embrace the new realities that are unfolding every moment. The sooner we do it in greater numbers, the lesser will be the difficulties that tomorrow brings upon the entire humanity. We believe this book can nudge many into such an awakening.

You can join hands in spreading this knowledge by telling people in your known circles about this book. Use every social media tool — email, twitter, facebook, Google circle — and send this out into the world. Please spare a moment and participate in this work of the Rishis.

♦       ♦       ♦

At this juncture, we are also making an appeal for donations in order to support our work. This support will ensure that our work always remains free for everyone and we can publish many more books for free downloads. If you can donate without putting yourself into any inconvenience, please consider extending monetary help to us. For those who’re residing abroad, we have enabled Paypal on our donations page.

♦       ♦       ♦

This occasion also gives us an opportunity to review our work objectively and look at the years ahead. The Pralaya processes will intensify ahead and bring with them newer challenges and unique situations for all of us. Along with them, the help and guidance from the Higher Intelligence will also flow down abundantly. One only needs to open up, listen to his heart and connect to these positive vibes in order to sail through the turbulence of Pralaya and enter the New Light Age. Spiritual practices like Meditations help us tremendously to make this connection with the divine.

The years ahead will witness the opening up of many new realities, which will bring with them newer energies and knowledge for all of Humanity. While VishwaAmara continues to provide the latest spiritual knowledge and guidance from the Masters for everyone, it will also present information about these realities, so that everyone can understand them better and equip themselves to transit into them.

An extraordinary knowledge has already been brought down from the Rishis in the Higher realms. This knowledge of the future will be explained and presented through articles and more books in the months and years ahead.

As we look ahead at the exciting future that awaits Humanity, let us be aware that the Higher Intelligence is helping us in innumerable ways to move into that future with minimal difficulty. The Rishis are ready with an abundance of knowledge, energies and guidance to assist anyone who opens up to them. VishwaAmara along with other lights on this Earth shall play a pivotal role in assisting this opening up of individuals to the grace and love of the Higher Intelligence.

♦       ♦       ♦

Note: We are not associated with any Organization or Meditation Group.
If you have any queries or would like to enquire about spiritual guidance, please email to info@vishwaamara.com. Please read our disclaimer

Copyright © 2011 VishwaAmara.
Permission is given to copy and redistribute these articles, on condition that the content remains complete, all credit is given to the author and is distributed free.


  • samy says:

    Thanks and Thanks to our Nature
    Wings let us Thanks to near our sky
    Thanks and Thanks and Thanks to our Nature
    Love and Love with full of Love in our Heart

  • oscar says:

    infinite flowers and love
    to you dear vishwaamara

    this is a present of pure light
    I will have in my heart forever
    thank you
    from the family of Light
    Canary Islands,
    <3 oscar

  • Pavani Jella says:

    Dear VishwaAmara Team,
    This is the most comprehensive website till date(that I’ve come across) that covers every aspect of creation, the present conditions on Earth and the spiritual revolution processes. Kudos to your inherent purity to receive such guidance. The book as you perceive will serve as a wake up call to humanity and usher into Golden/Light Age. Your dedication will have fruits of divinity. May your divine guidance help light reach in infinite directions to entire creation.


  • R Narasimha Murthy says:

    Many congrats to you…..Vishwaamara team.

    Let go and rejoice is the theme in all the sharings of info from the Rishis thru you…. gr8 going.. wish you pick up momentum…to reach out to zillions in 2012 and beyond.

  • Dan Kogan says:

    Dear Kartik and Kavitha,

    Pronams and congratulations. Lot of synchronicity…. my birthday, your birthday and most especially Guru’s birthday today. My guru released his book and you have released your book inspired by your rishi guides!

    I have my exams ongoing now but I will read it as soon as I can and will certainly share my thoughts with you.

    Thank you for your seva to humanity and pronams at the feet of the divine Brahmarishi Vishwamitra, Maharishi Amara, and all the 1,44,000 light workers.


  • benk says:

    Wonderful special gift on this 1 year anniversary. Keep the good work going and god bless

  • Arnab says:

    Dear Vishwaamara brothers and sister souls, eternal gratitude for this magnificent work and may this great love of yours spread faster than ever and reach countless souls around the world that they may enter the light era together in love, peace and harmony. Om Namah Shivaya.

  • VishwaAmara says:

    Thank you all, for your wishes and appreciation.

    ~ Karthik and Kavitha

  • jith says:

    Hearty Congragulation to the team and Pranaam to the great worshiped Rishi’s on the occasion of 1st Anniversary.


  • Krishna Kumar says:

    Dear Vishwaamara

    Congratulations on your first anniversery of opening website !

    Let the knowledge posted spread far and wide and benefit many
    in their journey of life and enable them associate with Light

  • Mansi says:

    Dear VishwaAmara team,

    Happy 1st Anniversary to youuu!Its worth a zillion thank yous’ for all yours as well as Rishis efforts, in fact no word on heaven and earth can substitute for your’s and theirs selfless love and efforts to bring us the knowledge and guide us throughout.Keep up the great work..!!Looking forward to reading the book too :).Its been a pleasure n fortunate to ve u as our guides.:) God bless you both..! 🙂

  • Sudarishi says:

    Dear Rishis & Gods,

    I congratulate and express my gratitudes in Oneness & Love, on the first anniversary of your blessed special child “VishwaAmara” – the eternal Light which removes the Non-Light part in this part of the creation by feeding it with Knowledge, Energies, help for sadhana and wonderful gifts like the e-books. I am happy to be associated with such a beautiful friend and guide.

    What else can I say:

    Many more miles to cross,
    Many more Lights to arouse…
    Knowledge, information & help from the Rishis,
    Blessings, Gifts & Lights from Gods…
    Vishwa-Amara may you shine incessant,
    Making our beautiful world pleasant!!!
    I wish ourselves your first b’day
    Hoping we’ve earned this special day.

    With Humble Gratitude,
    in Loving Oneness,

  • keshavamurthy says:

    Wonderful and heart-touching article…..Thanks for the very special gift. The gift is more beautiful than expected. I hope this book will awaken a new wave of our brothers and sisters into light.

  • Gopi says:

    Dear Vishwa Amara, smiles all over. 🙂

    Heart full congrats on your first anniversary. 🙂

    The knowledge you have given to this world is priceless and personally I have gained a lot from the guidance you gave me and from the article you have published. It should have been a awesome journey for the whole team, hope the journey gets more beautiful and more colorful in the coming years.

    Thanks for the divine gift you have given on this special day, im sure it will help humanity in a larger way. And I also wish to thank Ms.Manasi who introduced me to this site.

    Tons of Thanks to Ms.Kavitha and Mr.Karthik on showering light on us.


  • Ninad Phatak says:

    Congratulations Vishwaamara team on first anniversary.And thank a lot for the free ebook.This indeed is very very precious gift anyone can receive.
    I sincerely wish you best of luck from bottom of my heart and I pray to God that more and more people should visit this website and receive the benefit of divine knowledge!

  • Sukratu says:

    Congratulations Vishwaamara. Thanks for the great gift. I was checking for the options to collect all these articles, and this book ended that search.
    Thank you very much.

  • guruprasad says:

    Dear VishwaAmara team

    Hearty Congratulations on this wonderful day. My heartfilled thanks to all the Masters who have gifted the entire humanity with this wonderful website of spiritual truths and lessons for spiritual self development.
    Now one more Gift has been showered upon us. With all these guidance, Let us put our sincere efforts to grow up and trasnform to the expectation of the Masters and thus gift them.

    With Divine love and gratitude

  • Nandkumar says:


    Happy Birthday VishwaAmar..

    I have enjoyed reading every bit of it, I will read the content of current publish and PDF eventually . I want to share my joy with you all in celebrating birthday, information given here is essential and well presented and every bit of it is very professional, we command your effort, bring more Joy to the souls. I am wondering can we have the content published in kannada (other languages also), as there are many souls who will enjoy enhancing their spiritual knowledge by going thru this site.

    Love and Light

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