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A Christmas Gift

Submitted by on December 25, 2011 – 4 Comments

Our world is changing rapidly with every passing day. The processes of transition into the Light Age are intensifying and many changes are occurring in each and every aspect of our lives. And much more is expected ahead. At the individual level, people are awakening to the higher realities of life. Many more are standing up to what they believe in. This is a world which is in the flux of a great transition.

This is also the time which demands a greater awakening. We as humanity need to open up to the new energies and start shifting our awareness to the higher level of consciousness. Unless we transcend the limitations of this world in great numbers we face the prospect of drastic alterations at the physical level.

The spiritual guides on Earth cannot solve and assist the individuals with each and every problem of theirs. The need of the hour is for each one of us to engage with the Higher Reality, individually and collectively. We have to commune with the supreme Light and get guided by it without the dependence of any middleman.

As a small step in that direction, we are releasing our second book from VishwaAmara — ‘Communing with Light’. It is a treasure trove of guidelines and techniques to relate with Light, which can be followed by anyone. These instructions come directly from the Rishis. They are simple, effective and Universal. One needs to actually put them into practice to experience the results.

Click on the image to download the eBook

The booklet is available as a free downloadable eBook. Kindly read through, practice and share you experiences.

Please do share this eBook with your friends and relatives. You can also print and gift this booklet to others who do not have an access to computers and the internet.

These set of Light techniques is a Christmas gift from the Rishis to all of us. They carry the energy and love of the great master, Maharshi Vishwamitra who descended as Jesus Christ. As we remember him and offer our respects on this day, let us start to walk in the luminous way of Light – the way that he showed. Let our lives be brightened by the compassion and brilliance of Light with which we commune each and every moment.

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