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Work of Lord Kalki on Guru Purnima

Submitted by on July 10, 2023 – 6 Comments

We received a rare permission from the Rishis to publish this article. It contains some details about Lord Kalki trying to experiment with and understand ParaBrahma and a glimpse into the work he carried out on Guru Purnima Day (3rd July 2023)

Amidst the several details, the article also contains various Spiritual Truths and nuances within it. These are realities that are to be perceived beyond the Intellect, in the realms of direct Spiritual experience. Subsequently, it is to be comprehended further through contemplation. The greater extent to which we can delve into it, the more we can scratch the surface of the Infinite.

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Thunder Clap Energies

The Creation of ParaBrahma is very dynamic. ParaBrahma keeps observing and periodically brings about changes and improvements in the Creation. This occurs in a gradual and phased manner so that the harmonious rhythm of Creation is maintained.

One such change has been occurring in our Brahmanda for some time now and from this Ashada Masa, ParaBrahma is gradually introducing these changes to our Galaxy. To bring about the change and manifest His intent, ParaBrahma is releasing a very special Light which the Rishis refer to as the Thunder Clap Energies and mention that it is God’s way of voicing out.

First, ParaBrahma will release these energies from His core, and then put a protective layer over it. The energies will then be allowed to manifest and He will monitor the way the Galaxy reacts to it. These will be continuously monitored, with necessary changes being made to aid the evolution.

Assisting ParaBrahma in this mission, the Light will be exclusively monitored by Vasishtha Maharshi, Kripacharya Maharshi and Lord Kalki, on our Earth. These Personalities will first experiment with all the changes on themselves, then tune the energies accordingly before it is allowed to manifest on Earth.

Lord Kalki wanted to take this special opportunity of ParaBrahma’s presence to understand Him better.

He also wanted to establish a special pathway from the centre of the Galaxy to our Earth, which will enable a continuous flow of ParaBrahma’s energies to Earth. The pathway will also help other Amshas and Personalities to anchor their respective energies whenever required.

This special work of constructing the new pathway is called as Udaya Ujwalla Yojana, meaning “Rising from the Light”.

Studying the Light of ParaBrahma

Among understanding various aspects of ParaBrahma, Lord Kalki wanted to especially understand the reasons behind the Creation’s vastness, balance, diversification and undividedness.

He took a speck of Light from ParaBrahma and experimented on it. There are many advanced gadgets available at the Astral level and in our human language, it can be described as an Astral microscope.

Lord Kalki’s first observation was that the tiny particle could exhibit the features of vastness and other characteristics of ParaBrahma. On probing further he could witness all the characteristics of ParaBrahma even in the tiniest particle.

He also observed that when ParaBrahma’s Light enters a place, it is very soft and gentle, yet when it decides, it is very powerful and strong. The more Lord Kalki was studying it, the more the contrasting features began to emerge like vastness and void, expansion and diminution, simple yet highly mind-boggling etc.

When he went deep to the very core of ParaBrahma, he observed that the colour was Copper-Gold colour. This colour of Light is very unique as it is very difficult to create or destroy or modify it. ParaBrahma shines and stands out because of this.

As this experiment was going on, the Astral microscope got highly charged because of the Light and then burst into energies. Lord Kalki was concerned that the rare gadget was destroyed, but Vasishtha Maharshi then came in contact with him and informed that he has many such gadgets with him and not to worry.

Experiencing and understanding ParaBrahama is very difficult. Almost every time Lord Kalki went to probe the Light and study about it, he was absorbed into a very erratic dimension where it is difficult to comprehend what was occurring. It was the patient guidance from Vasishtha Maharshi that He was able to do so successfully.

In fact, Lord Kalki mentioned that he almost got lost once in a multi-dimensional whirlpool of an experience and it was with the help of Kripacharya Maharshi that he could come out of the difficult parts.

Lord Kalki on ParaBrahma

The following are some of the observations that were shared by Lord Kalki—

Being Amicable is probably one of the most important and exceptional qualities of ParaBrahma. He is the creator, sustainer, destroyer and survivor. In the course of manifestation, He also learns and repairs his “mistakes”.

We always connect to ParaBrahma as Infinite, yet the beauty of Him is that he is part of even the tiniest part of Creation.

Even for the most advanced Personalities, it is difficult to understand what He is, and impossible to comprehend and manipulate Him.

Part of my work involves working with ParaBrahma, and understanding how to break His rules and redefine various characteristics, rules and Maya. One of the amazing properties that has to be experienced is how His creation is very Majestic and very patient, yet works precisely to the point in a well-organized manner.

ParaBrahma also exhibits diverse characteristics in parallel like overflowing with emotions and begin detached at the same time.

I have witnessed ParaBrahma expanding, contracting, and collapsing all at the same time. This capacity of His enables diversity to manifest in mind-boggling magnitudes.

While working with His Light, literally everything sparkles, yet it is completely void. The Light has the capacity to manifest all the events at a swift pace or can stand still and take forever.

When the Light from ParaBrahma enters a place, it is usually in the shape of a star. This shape helps the Light to create, anchor as well as aid in the continuous breakdown of the most rigid energies already present. This feature is required in ParaBrahma as the Creation is always progressing and newer and more advanced manifestations can occur.

The Light from ParaBrahma is very potent and it has a nature of electric sparks (human language) associated with it. This feature of the Light enables the Light to exhibit multiple contrasting properties simultaneously.

When one witnesses and experiences ParaBrahma, it will be like an animation. Each spark of the Light will come alive and be abundant, and suddenly everything is only simple Light. Then suddenly, everything is void and there is so much duality present. And all of these are occurring simultaneously, and if one is not prepared or careful, they could be lost in another dimension forever.

Work on Guru Purnima

The principal aim of Udaya Ujwalla Yojana (Rising from the Light) was that of Lord Kalki creating a pathway from the centre of our Galaxy to our Earth, which will enable a continuous flow of ParaBrahma’s energies to Earth.

On Guru Purnima Day, Lord Kalki invoked ParaBrahma and sought His help for the project. After ParaBrahma was invoked, ParaBrahma first multiplied the colours of His energies into infinite colours. Each of these colours then began exhibiting infinite properties.

The formation of the infinite colours automatically created a pathway between our Earth and the centre of the Galaxy.

Lord Kalki and the others who were assisting him in the work assumed that the pathway was going to blast because of the infinite properties being exhibited by the Light, but to their surprise, it stabilized and began to glitter.

Then the pathway developed a wet and soggy swamp-like character, so that whenever any unnecessary object or person came in contact with it, or penetrated the pathway, they would be sucked by this swamp mud-pool.

Lord Kalki was happy after the formation of the pathway and began to relax. It is then that He observed another pathway getting formed in parallel to this. Initially, he thought that this was another Pathway as a part of Udaya Ujwalla Yojana, and that it was going to help Him anchor new energies. But on inspection, He realized that this pathway was being constructed by Kali Purusha, who was also receiving help from ParaBrahma. 

This pathway was dark and smelly and had a smoke colour. At this time one of the Bi-Body workers got severely injured by this dark pathway. Lord Kalki and all those assisting him had to literally hide and become Invisible to prevent any further damage.

Kali Purusha and many other dark forces gathered there to capture any of the Bi-Body personalities but they were unsuccessful in their attempt. But they could cause damage to the new Pathway created by Lord Kalki and burn away parts of it.

On asking about the dark pathway, Lord Kalki expressed that this is the “beauty of ParaBrahma”. Most of humanity usually connect to God/ParaBrahma and express that he is Bliss, Love and Light, but in Reality, He is a Personification of Balancing, and being Fair to everything and everyone in His Creation.

At this point, when all were struggling to understand the next steps, Vasishtha Maharshi came to the place. He was radiating Divinity and was holding a lot of energies from ParaBrahma. With his arrival, the burnt pathway, and the place healed and a huge Lotus flower formed there. Each petal was shining with bright Golden Light.

This Lotus Flower is highly developed and was specially brought by Vasishta Maharshi and ParaBrahma to shield from Maya and duality, so that Lord Kalki can concentrate on His mission and devise His rules and regulation on Earth.

ParaBrahma then anchored many new Lights and energies. An effect of this was that multiple diamond stones formed and attached themselves to the Lotus petals.

The diamonds were very bright and radiant and it was difficult for the Galaxy to handle this. Observing this, Vasishtha Maharshi requested ParaBrahma to lower the intensity and radiance in the diamonds. ParaBrahma helped with this and after that, the Galaxy became stable.

Then from the Diamonds, 18 Rishis manifested. These Rishis are called the Kamala Brahma Panditha Rishis and they will be working with Lord Kalki and helping Him in His mission. They will also help Lord Kalki and the Rishis to not face the wrath of ParaBrahma’s duality.

With this, the whole work concluded.

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  • Niranjan says:

    Such a beautiful article. Thank you for sharing. One finds an inexpressible strength by reading and contemplating on it.

  • Archana . says:

    Thank you to you both for this post. I have read it several times and yet to absorb this whole post.
    To read such post is purely a humbling feeling.


  • Krishna Kumar says:

    Dear VishwaAmara

    This article is so detailed and covering newer aspects.
    The more we read it, our realisation becomes deeper
    No words to convey my emotion on the information shared above
    Let us all perceive the greatness of “PARABRAHMA” through this article by reading it many a time.

  • Rajesh says:

    Absolutely wonderful and rare information.

  • Andrew says:

    The article is a delight to read as it is God (in a form) experiencing God (the formless) and trying to comprehend the infinite to finite.
    Thank you

  • Shikha says:

    Astonishing and mind-boggling information! Thank you VA, for sharing such rare and pristine details. I feel so fortunate to be able to read about it.

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