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Special Days for Meditation — November 2013

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Our Earth is witnessing many energy related works undertaken by the Higher Intelligence in the last couple of months. This has helped our Earth go through many shifts energetically. The latest Shift was on Oct 22nd and these are gradually manifesting at the physical level.

The process of anchoring of new energies on our Earth is continuing at a very brisk pace. These new energies are helping in the release of the old energies and in transmuting some of the negative energies present. Such works which are related to our transition to the Light Age will continue.

We have the festival of Lights ‘Diwali’ this month. Diwali is also symbolically a day for the illumination of the Inner Light. This day presents opportunities to become free of bondages and expand. The energies on this day also help us to experience more Light. We have to make more efforts to surrender unconditionally and manifest more of the qualities of Light in our living.

The Solar Eclipse of this month is also very important. We will have the presence of Devi Mahalakshmi specially for the eclipse.

The previous Lunar Eclipse has caused a lot of natural calamities to occur at the astral level. Some of them are very devastating. Their manifestation will depend on us; at the collective and individual levels. The Higher Intelligence is monitoring humanity closely. The way we respond to the new initiatives will determine the manifestation of these calamities at the physical level.

Similarly, a lot of spiritual benefits and gifts too have manifested at the astral level during the eclipse. They will also be allowed to manifest only at an appropriate time.

Over the last few months, the spiritual tests in our lives have begun to increase. They help us to realign and become more sincere in our transformation. Outgrowing our issues and Communing with Light is one of the easy ways to sail through this Pralaya period.

The current month has many opportunities to grow spiritually and which help the individual to imbibe more Light into their lives. It is a period for sincere Sadhana and preparation to open up further to the newer energies and Light.

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The important days of November are —

2nd to 4th Nov — Worship of Devi Mahalakshmi

Traditionally, the energies of Devi Mahalakshmi are available on the evening of the Diwali on the New Moon Day. This year the Rishis have requested Her presence on our Earth to complete a special work. An amsha of Devi will descend on our Earth on the evening of the 1st and will be there till the night of the 4th. Hence during these three days we can connect to and Commune with Her.

3rd Nov — Amavasya
               — Diwali
               — Solar Eclipse

The tradition of the festival of Diwali began in the times of Lord Rama when the people of Ayodhya celebrated the return of their beloved king after he killed Ravana and rescued Sita (on Vijaya Dasami day). The people decorated the entire city with lamps and celebrated this joyous occasion by bursting crackers.

The tradition of the festival continues even now where the festival of lights is celebrated for three days across India. People greet their relatives and friends, share sweets, decorate their houses with soft glowing lamps and burst fire crackers.

The new moon day, is the day of return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya.

The preceding day is known as Naraka Chaturdashi. This was the day when the evil rakshasa, Narakasura was killed by Lord Krishna. The victory of God’s Light over the darkness of the demon is celebrated on this day.

The day following the New Moon day is known as Bali Padyami. It is the first day of the new month, which commemorates the defeat of the demon king Bali at the hands of Vamana, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Mythology tells the tale of the righteous but power hungry king, who was pushed down to the netherworlds by a small boy, Vamana, who was the Lord Himself. It is said that the king returns to Earth from the underworld on this day and is worshiped and given a farewell.

These 3 occasions are symbolic of the victory of Light over darkness and hence also known as the festival of Lights. This is the occasion when energies are available to remove the darkness present within us and replace it with God’s Light and purity.

Solar Eclipse
3:34pm to 8:58pm IST

The timing of the eclipse is between 10:04 to 15:28 GMT/UT.

We will have the presence of Devi Mahalakshmi specially for this eclipse. Many of the astral works going on will be concluded during the eclipse. The effects of these works will be witnessed in the coming months.

During the eclipse many new energies will be released to our Earth. These energies will strengthen the Pralaya processes and also help in healing and transformation. We will also be receiving new energies from our Sun and the Second Sun. For a few years now, the energies from the Second Sun have been made dormant as it was too strong for humanity. But the Higher intelligence has decided that the time has come to intensify the transformation processes and thereby these energies will be allowed into our Earth.

The energies of the Solar Eclipse will help in smoothening the hurdles ahead. But it happens only when we manifest a sincere intent and make efforts. Otherwise these energies will make the individual go through the churning process. New Pralaya energies will also be injected into the individuals who resist the transformation and positivisation.

During the eclipse, let us take oaths to spiritualise ourselves further and grow towards the Light Age. 

17th Nov — Purnima
                 — Shiva Deepa
18th Nov — Vishnu Deepa

The spiritual energies on the planet will be at their peak on the full moon day and it is a very opportune moment to take spiritual oaths and strengthen our focus in the spiritual areas. The Rishis highlight that we need to take oaths not only for ourselves but also for the well being of the entire humanity.

On the occasion of Shiva and Vishnu Deepa, we shall have the energies from Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu on our Earth. These energies will specially help in the inner cleansing of our system and thereby help us to radiate with Light.

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You can read our eBook – “Communing with Light” to know more about the higher ways of using Light in our day to day life.

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