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The New Year – 2015

Submitted by on January 1, 2015 – 5 Comments

We are in the transition phase to the Light Age for many years now. As we get closer to the end of this transition, naturally the challenges and churnings increase. We are moving into an Age where the true spiritual values— goodness, love and righteousness will be the way of life. To be a part of this Age logically means that we too should be radiant with these spiritual qualities.

Millions across the Earth are aware of this transition and each is making efforts to let go of their limitations and negativity and grow. Every aspirant wants to be in sync with the transition which our Earth is also going through. The Light Age and the Earth’s spiritual environment is as much an external reality, as it is the internal state of each individual.

Though the exact date has not yet been revealed, we are getting closer to the end of this transition period and the challenges we face will increase and the Pralaya energies will intensify. Due to the implementation of the special project across our entire Cosmos known as Pavitrena Karyam, the challenges of this transition are much more difficult than any of the previous cycles.

The end of this transition period is not when everyone becomes Light bodies but when each individual begins to uphold the spiritual values and all corruption and negativity on the Earth ends. That will be the stage when the Light Age begins.

After that, the initial period of the Light Age will be a preparatory phase where all the individuals come together and will collectively begin to dismantle the man made separations and limitations that have defined our living so far. It will be the collapse of religion, of national boundaries, and we will collectively live as ONE, one humanity sharing and progressing together. This will also be the phase when there will be an intense spiritual growth all over and each individual will be educated and equipped and transformations like the Light Body occurs.

♦       ♦       ♦

2014 was a period of opportunities to nurture and grow. The year ahead will be much more intense than 2014. It will be the year when Pralaya will intensify further. Every individual will be tested more and we will go through many challenging times whether we like it or not.

For years, we have been making efforts to grow spiritually. These situations will test the quality of our spiritual maturity and growth.

The New batch of Rishis and the Saptarishis have made many plans for the year ahead. Instead of having two large phases like the last year, they want to divide the year into five phases, each of about two to three months. Each phase would have a certain objective.

In the first phase, the Earth will experience the intensity of the Pralaya energies. The aim of this phase is to help every individual see the merit in choosing righteousness. The more we adopt Light, love and peace into our lives, and outgrow anger, bitterness and pessimism, the easier it will be to sail through. Those who resist will be the ones to face to face more difficulties. Our humility and surrender to God are essential.

The second phase will be a little relaxed. It will help every individual to assimilate the changes and strengthen their progress. During this phase, many new energies will be anchored on our Earth.

During the third phase, experimentation on freewill will be conducted by the Higher Intelligence. It will be easier to embrace the positive changes and adopt Light. We can also witness many changes all over the Earth. This phase is an important preparatory phase towards the Light Age.

In the fourth phase is when the battles between the Light and the dark will be at their peak. At the global level, the Individuals who spoil the lives of others, corrupt businesses and falsity will be exposed. This battle will also occur within each individual. At each juncture, we have to choose, let go of the unwanted, embrace Light and move on.

The last phase would be chaotic. There will be panic, confusion and a struggle for survival. For those who are connected to Light and have their basics in place, it should be a smooth phase. The Rishis expect Lord Kalki, to begin his work at the physical level during this period.

These are roughly the way the Rishis want to carry out their work during this year. But there will naturally be revisions and improvements based on their observations of how humanity responds to their initiatives.



January is full of opportunities for spiritual growth. On the flip side, it is also a phase where many challenging situations will arise and the buttons of every individuals will be pushed. These are opportunities in disguise to help us identify our shortcomings and to work on them.

When we are put into challenging situations, we need to breathe deeply, accept the situation with our intention, and then take the help of Light to deal with the situations. Being aware of the bigger picture and the relevance of the experience in that big picture will help us to deal with it in a matured way.

The New Rishis after much discussion have decided to allow the tougher phase of pralaya to manifest. “Transform or Perish” will the motto of this Pralaya phase. Of course there will be many opportunities, but the sincerity of intent and the genuine efforts of the individual will determine their journey ahead.

♦       ♦       ♦

In western astrology, the influence of a planet called Chiron is observed which has the archetypal features of a “wounded healer”. The scientific community has classified Chiron as a minor planet/asteroid, which is present in between Saturn and Uranus in the Solar System. This planet will start playing a more dominant role henceforth. The energies that radiate from this planet will help to console, heal and give strength during our emotional upheavals. We can linkup to this planet anytime and take its assistance.

♦       ♦       ♦

The special days of January are —

Jan 01 New Year
           — Vaikunta Ekadashi

This day is the beginning of a wonderful year and also the beginning of a new phase of our transition into the Light Age. Let us utilize the day to make long term resolutions and work hard in implementing them.

We shall also have the flow of energies from MahaVishnu and these energies will set the tenor of the year ahead. The energies will be at their peak at 6am, 12pm, 6pm, 7pm and at 10pm (local time). We can meditate at any of these times convenient to us. The Rishis suggest the following technique—

Direction—North or East
Duration—minimum 24 minutes, upto an hour

Practice 7 Rounds of Pranayama with Light

Offer your respects to Lord MahaVishnu, the new batch of Rishis, and to the year 2015. Pray for your spiritual growth and for a smooth year ahead. You can also pray for a positive and bright year ahead for your family and friends and more importantly for the entire humanity.

Then imagine Dark-Blue Light coming from Lord MahaVishnu and filling you up completely. Imagine the Light to fill up every cell in your system and keep absorbing the Light. Practice this for roughly 7 minutes. Then imagine the Light to form a globe around you and begin to experience yourself as this globe of Light. As the meditation progresses, imagine that you (the globe) begin to radiate with Dark-Blue Light.

Keep repeating the mantra “Om MahaVishnave Brahmaya Namaha”


05 Jan — Purnima

The flow of the New Year energies will continue till this day. It is a day to strengthen the affirmations and resolutions we had taken earlier. An abundance of healing energies too will be released which can be absorbed during our Meditation.

The new Rishis will be anchoring many powerful energies on the Earth today which will be available till the 20th of January. These energies facilitate nurturing and healing. It will also help the individual who are making efforts in their transformation to sail smoothly during this period.

♦       ♦       ♦

The Rishis suggest practicing the following technique after Moonrise on all Purnima’s (Full Moon Days)—

Face North-East
Duration — minimum 24 minutes; maximum 60 minutes

Practice 7 Rounds of Pranayama with Light.

Then, imagine an abundance of Blue Light radiating from your Soul and filling every cell of your body. Keep experiencing the Light in your body.

Keep repeating the mantra “Om” silently for the entire duration of the Meditation.


13th Jan to 15th Jan — Experiencing Special Energies
14th Jan — Sankranti

14th of January is celebrated as Sankranti. It is the beginning of Uttarayana and a Divine personality in charge of this phase called the Sankranti Purusha is invoked and worshipped. It is also the day when the Saptarishis return after their month long Tapas and resume charge of the administration of the Cosmos.

We can welcome the Saptarishis. The New Rishis will be on the Earth till the 15th, when we can bid them a farewell. Between the 13th and 15th of January, the new Rishis will again be anchoring many important energies. These three days are a period of getting healed, nurtured and also for being grateful towards God.

We can practice the following technique during these three days.

Face North
Duration — minimum 24 minutes, upto an hour

Imagine a lot of Pink Light coming from above and filling you up. Keep experiencing it and gradually imagine that you are radiating with this Light. Gradually allow the Light to spread from you to the entire Earth.

Repeat the mantra “Om Antar Rakshayai Namaha” silently for the entire duration of the Meditation.


20th Jan — Amavasya

The influence of the special energies anchored on Purnima will be present till this day. These energies influence the entire day and we can practice any of the healing practices and make use of the special energies.

♦       ♦       ♦


♦       ♦       ♦

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  • prashanth says:

    Dear VishwaAmara Team,
    In this article you have mentioned that we are nearing the end of the transition, I want to know by when will the pralaya process get over , I understand that from time to time pralaya duration has been extended because people of this world were not ready or people of this world didn’t put enough effort to spiritualize . I want to know by approximately by which years or how many years that pralaya processes will end and the first stage of light age will begin.

  • Thank You for such a great information, Shared it.

  • Sameer says:

    Dear VishwaAmara Team,

    To begin with, wish you a fantastic New Year.
    And thank you so much for the all new info. One can feel the energy within, even as one reads these articles.
    I hope humanity makes progress by leaps and bounds during this phase of Pralaya.

    I would like to know if some of the major events expected to happen in 2012, would take effect in this year?
    As it was mentioned earlier that the events would likely take place in mid 2015.
    Could you kindly share any info regarding the same?

    Thank you once again for all your efforts.


  • Rajesh says:

    Excellent information

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