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Maharshi Amara: The Eternal

Submitted by on August 25, 2010 – 22 Comments

Once, a great power had to be brought down from a higher plane. The requirement was that the person who would do this had to stand on two different Earths which were billions of Light years apart. Of the 1,44,000 Rishi-workers on Earth, there was only one worker who could accomplish this.

That was Amara!

Twenty eight years ago, on this day, this great soul left his physical frame and attained Mahasamadhi. In reflecting over his simple but extraordinary life, we can find numerous lessons for our daily living as well as many an inspiration for our spiritual journey.

A Brief Life History

Amara was born as Ambarisha Varma Desai on 1st February 1919, in a royal family from Belgaum. He completed his formal education in Bangalore and Madras, married and settled in Bangalore and lived a relatively unknown life of a commoner throughout his life. Though well-known in spiritual circles as a spiritual guide and master, he kept a low profile so that he could focus on his work and mission.

He was a ‘child at heart’ but a very great spiritual master who guided thousands in meditations and spirituality. The Rishis have called him as the ‘humility personified Maharshi’. Though being a great rishi, he would always refer to himself as a worker of the Rishis. And like all Rishi-workers, he dedicated his entire life for the selfless service to mankind and to the accomplishment of the divine work that was allocated to him.

A Rishi-worker is usually initiated into the work at the age of 12. Amara had given an account of his first contact with the Great Rishis, which occurred when he was a small boy of 9. During an operation, when he was administered anesthesia, he could feel himself come out of his body and travel astrally across space to a distant earth, where he met the Sapta Rishis and Vishwamitra Maharshi and then returned to his body. For the next three years, Vishwamitra Maharshi visited him and trained him in all aspects of the spiritual sciences. At 12, he was initiated as a Rishi-worker, one among the 1,44,000 masters who assist the Saptarishis on this Earth. He carried out this role to perfection and worked for the Rishis at all levels throughout his life.

In his lifetime, he could touch the lives of many around him as a spiritual guide, a mentor, a role-model and an inspiration. He spoke without inhibitions about the numerous astral works that he carried out and about the greater realities that govern our life here. He explained in simple language the essence of all Vedas and Upanishads. Thousands were initiated into meditations at the informal gatherings that happened around him. He explained spirituality as a science and added newer dimensions to the existing Spiritual knowledge. He could inspire many into leading a life of simplicity, humility and virtues. Many more were guided to attain liberation with the help of dedicated spiritual practices.

This great soul left his physical body on 25th August, 1982, after laying a very strong foundation for the work of the Rishis at the physical level. At present, he stays and works on an earth in Andromeda galaxy. But the place doesn’t limit the scope of his work. He still guides all genuine seekers in the entire Material cosmos, at various levels.

Amara’s Works

His astral works and adventures were numerous and exhaustive enough to fill volumes and volumes, most of which might never be revealed. Every night, he’d travel astrally to the Himalayas to take instructions from the Saptarishis, and accomplish the work that was assigned to him. He visited the Divine city, Shambala, in Gobi desert astrally, from where he brought out the Principles of Light and taught them to those around him, to assist them on their spiritual journey. As a part of his astral works, he would sometimes even travel to distant galaxies and worlds and accomplish great feats, the details of which would defy all imagination and fantasy.

The astral activity would sometimes be supplemented at the physical level, when he had to travel to a few places across the country to awaken some Rishis, who were in deep tapas for thousands of years. When great spiritual activities happened at different levels, they had to be accompanied at the physical level too, in the form of similar homas and special poojas, which were carried out under his guidance. Even from a young age, he had to travel to different places and meditate, to anchor energies, or to physically meet some of the Spiritual immortals.

Yet, inspite of participating in all these breathtaking adventures and activities, Amara lived a very balanced and fruitful life, going through all the trials and tribulations of a normal householder. Never did he use his amazing capacities and powers for any personal gain, even to save himself in times of danger. He lived a perfect life, teaching others more by his way of living than by empty words.

Amara’s Approach to Work

Maharshi Amara has expressed his ambition as, “…just to serve God, Love all of His creation and pass on the knowledge from God and His creation to all those who want to know about Him. Let me always take birth as a normal human being and serve Him as much as possible”. His surrender to the divine is complete and unquestionable.

When he was alive, many let him down. But like his name, his faith and surrender to the Rishis was eternal. His trust in the innate goodness of Humanity was unwavering. He could always forgive others and give them another opportunity to grow.

Amara always geared himself with this affirmation – “I have come to serve God. With His help and guidance, I have come to pass on the same knowledge to all the genuine seekers. If anyone comes, I shall share happily. If no one turns up, my work as a Sadhak is accomplished”. This sums up his unparalleled Humility.

The entire mission of his Life was – “Rishi karyaki Jyoti sadha jale” which means “Let the Light of Rishis work, always radiate”.

His Origin and Higher Aspects

Maharshi Amara is by nature very humble and shy. He has been working silently for the welfare of humanity for millions of years, but his humility always prevents him from speaking anything about his work or accomplishments. Even when he was physically alive, he would desist from speaking about himself and instead would speak about the Rishis, God and the work. The information about his Origin was given by his close associate, Maharshi Vishwamitra.

Mula Brahman and Lord Krishna combined their Light and created a new Soul. This was a very rare Soul and was shining with tremendous brilliance. It also had many beautiful characteristics and was very soft and shy by nature.

As soon as it manifested, the first thing it did was to offer its respects to God and His Creation. God was very touched by this gesture and blessed this Soul saying that, in all the lives, wherever he takes birth he shall have the direct blessings of God. He also conferred him the honour of being the father of Goddess Mahalakshmi, whenever she takes birth.

This Soul is Maharshi Amara.

He has always been guided by God in all his lives and has been assisted by Vishwamitra Maharshi. Whenever an Amsha of Goddess Mahalakshmi took birth on earth, he has come down as her father.

He always guides Goddess Mahalakshmi. At present, she exists on this earth as Goddess Padmavathy. Amara has been helping and guiding her at the astral level. The Amsha of Mahavishnu who marries the Amsha of Mahalakshmi also takes guidance from Maharshi Amara.

Whenever an Amsha of any God descends to our earth, Maharshi Amara accompanies that Amsha and guides it to the proper destination.

He is also very close to the great master, Vishwamitra Maharshi. Whenever Vishwamitra Maharshi comes down to the human plane, Maharshi Amara also takes birth to help him in his work.

Special qualities of Amara

Maharshi Amara, though being a great Rishi has some special qualities that sets him apart from others. The following information about his uniqueness was given by Vishwamitra Maharshi.

Amara is a specialist at materializing himself into many bodies and working parallel to serve God

During the Second World War, He materialized himself simultaneously in 18 different places and worked for Red Cross, tending and caring for the wounded. This information was revealed through his relatives. Vishwamitra Maharshi gave a completely new dimension to this skill of his. He said that in 1971, Amara materialized in 1007 other places simultaneously, some places being in different galaxies too. This was done to accomplish a special work.

He is an expert at music

Vishwamitra Maharshi gave an example of him using this talent for his work. Once during World War II, he was listening to the radio and there was a news broadcast of many soldiers who were injured in the gunfight.

Amara then began to hum a very healing tune. Exactly 12 minutes later, the radio announced that the Red cross volunteers had reached the soldiers and their treatment would shortly begin in the tents. On another occasion, he had used his vocal capacity to cause a much needed rain.

Amara is renowened for his extraordinary Humility

In many lives Amara was born as a king, but he always remained detached from the grandeour and prosperity that arrived with that title. In all his lives, he was also known for his adjusting nature and patience.

Whenever great personalities and avatars descend on earth for some work, a lot of activity is done in the background by the Rishis to help these personalities. Their huge work remains hidden and all glory is given to the Avatars. When asked about this, Amara had said, ‘We are like workers who clean the streets. What we do is nothing when compared to the work of these incarnations’.

Once, a priest in a Ganesha temple spoke at length to Amara about Lord Ganesha and his virtues. Amara had worked with Lord Ganesha! But he chose to listen to the priest with all attention and respect, without ignoring him.

Amara is a specialist in anchoring special energies

Vishwamitra Maharshi says that whenever he anchored energies, the place got healed completely and it would become a container for new knowledge and energies.

On Aug 25th 1972, Amara went astrally all over India thrice and anchored energies. It was these energies that set India on the road of development. After this event, India began to welcome newer technologies and innovations that weren’t allowed until then.

Again in the year 2000, August 25th, he anchored a lot of energies at various cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mysore, Mangalore, Pune and Mumbai. These energies helped to pick up the pace of growth in the industrial and technological sectors.

Even before his death in 1982, he anchored many other energies in India, so that people from all over the world could gather these energies from here and spread it all over the world.

Current work

Maharshi Amara continues to guide millions from the astral level even now, when he is not physically alive on this earth. Some have seen him physically and have been helped by him, only to realise his identity later.

Vishwamitra Maharshi  revealed that Amara even materializes if required. He gave two examples –

When the World Trade Centre crashed on 9/11, Amara materialized as a fire service engineer and worked to save many lives. He materialized near many people who were trapped and had no access, and then rescued them.

He did a similar thing during the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. He materialized as an attendant of the hotel and helped many people who were hiding in an extended room.

Maharshi Amara continues to participate in the work of the Saptarishis, assisting them in the great shift of cycles that is happening at present.  He has passed on very rare energies and new knowledge about Creation, Light Age and other Higher realities. He is working very hard along with the other Masters in guiding Humanity sail through these turbulent times and make a shift into the New Age of Light.

Vishwamitra Maharshi says that the name Amara itself makes you feel Eternal and Expanded, Surrendered and Still, Humble and shy. He says that by absorbing Amara, one can attain any spiritual height with complete humility and surrender to God.

Amara in Sanskrit means ‘The Eternal’. The Purity, Love and Vastness that God breathed into his creation will remain forever, as long as Creation exists. Maharshi Amara, who stands as a personification of these qualities, is truly an Eternal Master.

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  • Geethanjali says:

    I Bow down to the Great Soul. Only wish I could meet Him and get blessed by Him, for my progress in the path of spirituality.

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    Today is his birthday and the information shared on this page is good to read again and again.

    In masters Remembrance,

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    Salutations to Maharshi Amara. After reading this informative article, I would like to remember the Revered Maharshi daily in my prayers & wish to secret his blessings & benediction om time to time.

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    it is so refreshing and highly blessed to have stumbled over such a treasure trove of inside spiritual information. Rishi Amara is indeed awe inspiring. May his compassionate ‘Knowing’ descend upon my prostrate body at his lotus feet and guide me out of the dross of conditioned living into spiritual enlightenment, in this lifetime, I pray.

  • Aashish Dev says:

    Very much useful article about Maharshi Amara, I wanted to know about great soul lived in His physical form among us and the great work He is doing even today.

  • Prashant V Salimath says:

    Many many happy returns of the day Maharishi Amara ji. I surrender myself to your humility. What a quality, no words to describe. Soon i’ll see you in astral planes.

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    God’s Grace. Divinely Blessed to read the Miracles of this Great Saint

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    Million thanks for presenting such rare information about a great Maharshi.
    The only word that can describe my feeling after reading the article is “Expanded”.
    The horizons of my mind have been expanded beyond measure.

  • BS Sankar Rama Krisna says:

    In this world many truths that are unknown to the common man are revealed through such masters. Namaskarams to these great Masters who guard and guide us in the path of spirituality.

  • It is time people understand what Sri Amaraji did and is doing.
    Let us join these Risihis by our constant chantings and right conduct for welfare of the Universe.

    May God bless us all.

  • Mohan Kumar P says:

    Dear VishwaAmara,

    Its my very good day. And I want to know more. I am still a kid; and attracted towards path of truth but I fell short of guidance. So how can I meet Maharshi Amara to seek divine path. Please do help me, plsss!

    Mohan Kumar P

  • Prasanna says:

    I have no words to describe the feeling that I have in me right now.. Such a great divine Soul. I am fortunate to be in the path he had dreamed of.. Many many humble thanks to Maharshi Amara. Divine Love, Prasanna

  • Yogesh says:

    I read in a book that he was Swamy Ramkrishna Paramhansa, Saint Gora Kumbhar, Saint Eknath and so many other incarnations which we don’t know.

  • Sudarishi, says:

    Dear VishwaAmara,

    I felt closeness to AMARA when I read this article. Am so touched by the Great Master and his untiring zeal towards helping Humanity even after his absence in the Physical Body on this Earth.
    We are too small to even to speak about such masters, but then His Light gives us strength to Reflect the Eternal Light Called “AMARA”.

    With Loving Humbleness,

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