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Importance of Kalki Jayanti 2015

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The birth and life of Lord Kalki is not known to most of humanity unlike the earlier Avataras of MahaVishnu. He was born more than 90 years ago in 1924 and His birth anniversary is observed on 21st May this year (Jyeshta Shukla Triteeya). The details of his birth and life have remained a secret. The main reason for that is his work is very complex now compared to the earlier Avataras and the preparations and equipping required by Him at the physical level are much more.

The role of the earlier Avataras was to kill the demons and Rakshasas present at that time. But the respective time period (Yuga) that they were moving into was that of dilution in spiritual values and therefore not much was done in the bigger picture.

In this case, it is different. Lord Kalki’s work is not only to get rid of the demons and Rakshasas present now but also help in the spiritual transformation of each individual. He has to make sure that all the negativity in every individual is cleansed and allow only the eligible ones into Satya Yuga; the Age of Perfection, Peace and Love.

Much information about Lord Kalki is still not revealed due to the nature of His work. We have published an article – “Lord Kalki — The Avatara earlier where a few details exist.

Lord Kalki and Devi Padmavathy had twin boys earlier this year. These Souls have taken birth specially to help Lord Kalki in his mission. The Rishis mention that his whole family – Himself, Devi Padmavathy and his two Sons will be participating in his work. Lord Mahavatara will also be the main partner who assists Lord Kalki in the work.

Role of Goddess Padmavathy

Goddess Padmavathy is an integral part of Lord Kalki’s mission. She assists Lord Kalki in the planning and organisation of his works. She also helps in establishing a base and platform from where Lord Kalki can continue the work further. She also helps in clearing many hurdles and eases the responsibility for Lord Kalki and Lord Mahavatara.

She has also been equipped with a lot of powers and energies and She will utilize all these for the work. She has been preparing for her responsibilities for many years and presently She radiates the Satya Yuga energies.

For the time being She is nurturing and training her children and preparing them for the mission. The Rishis mention that in due course, the twins will be much stronger and capable than Lord Kalki Himself.

We all know that Kali Purusha (Satan) is the essence of all the darkness. It is the role and the main mission of Goddess Padmavathy to kill him.

Preparations for Lord Kalki’s Work

Lord Kalki has not begun most of his works yet. At the present he is mainly observing and experimenting. Kripacharya Maharshi, his Guru, Trainer and Guardian has not yet given the green signal for Lord Kalki to begin his work. All the Beings of Shambala will be assisting Lord Kalki in his mission and the associated processes are yet to become fully ready.

Though the exact time from when he will begin His mission at the physical level has not been finalised yet, the Rishis are expecting it to begin after the two eclipses in September. It will become more prominent around the end of this year. (The Rishis again emphasise that the dates are not important and can change. For each of us, the focus should be on transformation and spiritualizing and not the external factors).

Many things have to be done before His mission can begin at the physical level. There are a lot of old and negative energies stored in the Earth. Lord Kalki is slowly removing them. In parallel he is also removing the existing negativity, and cleansing the Earth.

He is also involved in the dark entities and the corrupt getting exposed. This is more prominent in the developing and the under developed nations.

After the September eclipses, he will be involved in communicating with the entire humanity and help everyone to open up to the Light Age.

At the astral level he has prepared Himself in all respects. He has checked the strengths and weaknesses of the dark forces and also has full details about their territories, their interests and purpose.

One important work of Lord Kalki will be to work with all the children on the earth and He is training and equipping Himself for this responsibility. The infants and children will be taken care by Him directly. The young ones are advanced beings and require less transformation. Lord Kalki will also spread his energies to them directly and educate them. Most of the children are expected to go with the transition smoothly. They will become highly evolved beings and the future citizens of Satya Yuga.

He will be finalising and revealing many decisions and missions to the Rishis on 21st May.

His Present Works

Last month, Lord Kalki was successful in killing two dark Lords who were based near China. The dark energies of one of them was under the Himalayas. The process of releasing and cleansing these resulted in a severe earthquake and caused a lot of destruction in Nepal.

Many demons and Dark Lords will also be killed in the future.

When Lord Kalki starts to work on the physical plane, he will begin with a big bang. There will be a lot of chaos and destruction at that time.

Bhoo Devi (Gaia) has undergone a lot of suffering and pain and the biggest mission of Lord Kalki is to relieve her from all this, and actually put her into Light and a lot of soothing energies.

Another very important work of Lord Kalki in the following months will be to bring energies from Shambala and spread it around the Earth. Along with these energies, the principles and messages from Him will also be transmitted. He will also be sending out the values and principles of the Light Age. It depends on each individual whether they welcome and receive it with open arms or resist them and struggle.

He will also be conducting important programs to educate humanity about the transition. It will happen initially at the astral level where all individual will be taken in batches. Each individual will be aware that “the time has come”.

The two eclipses in September are very important. This is the period when many tough decisions will be implemented by Him.

By the end of the year, many intense churning and cleansing processes will become active and warnings will spread across. It will be the judgement time; whether each individual wants to change or not.

Lord Kalki has also established a base for himself in Africa as a lot of resources and spiritual energies are available there for his work.

Subsequent to all this, His mission is to help bring in the awareness of Oneness and Unity and in the empowerment of the Soul in each individual.

Methods of Communicating with Humanity

The general idea that everyone has is that Lord Kalki will “appear” and speak. The Rishis mention that it would not be like this. Initially he will warn everyone (those who haven’t transformed) three times through various means. Sadly many will ignore these and continue with their ways. It is only after these warnings that he will become visible at the physical level. This would be a period of taking action.

In this regard, it is best that we don’t “see Him” as that means we haven’t transformed yet.

In the first round of warning, it will be through all the various means of communication present.

Initially a platform will be created where many satellites will be fixed around the Earth which are capable of transmitting various frequencies and waves. This will enable Lord Kalki to spread his information and knowledge and energies.

By default it will be through all the social media platforms like facebook, twitter and instagram. It will also be through personal mails and SMS’s. Some will also receive phone calls directly.

When such activity occurs, naturally the information will also begin to be telecast on the televisions globally. Messages will also be sent through various television programs and serials. The warnings will also spread through various frequencies of the radio.

The messages will also be there in the newspapers and pamphlets and other printed media and it will be distributed as much as possible.

The Rishis also reveal that the warning will be spread through currency (coins and notes) as most of humanity handles it in one way or the other.

In due course of time, there will also be various means of visual presentations in schools and colleges. It will also be there in offices, factories and other places where people gather in large numbers.

In the second wave, Lord Kalki will be sending his messages and warnings astrally and every individual will know that the communication at a conscious level. The intuition of the individual will also continuously nudge them regarding the need to change.

For many, they will also be taken astrally and counselled. Then, the details will be made to surface to their memory.

In the final wave, messages will appear in the ‘air’. For some, it will be through printed media. All will be in a position to see these explicitly and hopefully all can accommodate them into their lives.

The infants and children would be educated by this time and they will begin to speak to the adults about the transition and advice them to change their ways.

It is when the individuals do not pay heed to any of these that Lord Kalki will begin to act at the physical plane.

Principles and Messages from Lord Kalki

Lord Kalki is waiting for the right time to coming out physically and communicate with everyone. He wishes to stress on the following Principles that everyone should be able to completely manifest all the time –

Live and let live — The essence of this principle is harmony, sharing, oneness and peace. It is about loving and accommodating everyone. When we are able to fully implement and manifest this, we will be beyond all the vices and negativity.

Equality — Lord Kalki radiates the qualities of equality, righteous and justice. Equality and Unity are important pillars of Satya Yuga and He emphasise all to imbibe them.

Strengthening One’s Positivity — Being positive, connecting to the positive in people and situations and strengthening these aspects is a very important practice and quality all should manifest.

Taking Responsibility for One’s Action — Lord Kalki mentions that negativity and dark forces thrive because we don’t accept our mistakes or take responsibility for our actions. We are happy to shift the blame on others or incidents. The other extreme to this principle is being in a mode of guilt always and punishing ourselves when we have to actually focus on outgrowing them. Do not judge and start digging faults.

Realize that it is Satya Yuga — Most of humanity is not even aware that Kali Yuga ended and the great Age of Light, Satya Yuga is going to begin. Let everyone become aware of this reality and then work towards transiting through their inner transformation.

♦       ♦       ♦

Other than these principles, Lord Kalki wants all of us to stick to our good attributes and strengthen it further. The time of negativity is coming to an end on the Earth and we cannot manifest it any further. Therefore we have to outgrow them completely and that can be done successfully only when it is completely removed from our system. After strengthening our positives, we have to work towards clearing our negativity and shortcomings.

Also, in this regard, He says that we are the ones who can validate ourselves the best. Be honest and truthful to yourself and then introspect. He wants all to focus on these two aspects specially — arrogance and ego. These are the principle factors which don’t allow the individual to open up to higher Realities and grow.

Then it is important to balance between our material and spiritual aspects. Every individual should realize the importance of the spiritual part of their life especially in this phase of transition. We have to give it equal importance and make efforts.

The next step, he asks all individuals to focus on is towards clearing our conditioning’s and fears. He mentions that we have to learn to let go and surrender. He mentions that most of humanity is proud of their short comings but the time has come to remove these aspects from our system.

He also mentions that slowly we have to start shifting from man made to natural things. It applies to all the gadgets and conveniences we are so used to. Stopping to depend on these will help us open and operate the divine faculties like intuition, telepathy and teleportation. In parallel, we have to start focusing on Light and imbibing it into our system.

He wants all to hold Love; an abundance of Love. And begin with loving yourself. Breathing deeply is also very important. It helps in removing blocks and the denser energies and also opens up the individual to many spiritual processes.

Importance of Kalki Jayanti this year

We are in the transition phase for many years and the progress happens in phases. This year on Kalki Jayanti (21st May), the processes for Light to manifest with the primary aspects of Truth and Justice, is going to occur in a big way.

The Rishis and the workers have been spreading an abundance of new energies throughout the Earth for many years but the results are taking time to manifest in the physical plane as humanity is not accepting it. The phase of Pralaya dealing with Truth and Justice gets intensified from this day. Lord Kalki will himself start handling the events associated with this. (The Rishis will assist and also help in the monitoring process)

Lord Kalki will also be bringing some important energies from Shambala. These energies contain energies of the Light Age and those which will help humanity in their transformation and transition.

The individuals who are struggling but genuinely want to grow, to change and transform will be helped by Lord Kalki. There will be an astral gathering at Shambala on his Birthday and only the genuine individuals interested in transformation and those making efforts to spiritualize their lives will be eligible to attend the gathering.

These genuine individuals will also be able to connect to Him more easily from today and seek direct guidance and help. The availability of His energies will gradually increase and an abundance of it will be available by the year end. We can offer our love and respects to Lord Kalki everyday along with our daily Meditation and pray for his Blessings, protection and guidance.

At the individual level, it is also an important day for decision making and putting things in order. For many years now, we have been told to prioritise, introspect and make clear choices. This is the time by which we should have implemented these. If not, at least now, it is high time we do so. If we take this opportunity seriously and make our sincere efforts, we will be benefited immensely.

Making Use of the Day

Mentally prepare yourself the entire day. Be peaceful, calm and open, and receive as much Love and energies as possible from Lord Kalki. You can connect to Lord Kalki in the morning and be aware of Him and his energies throughout the day.

Contemplate, note down the aspects and areas that you have short comings and the places where you have to improve. Then also work on ways to overcome these shortcomings and negativity.

Make resolutions and affirmations and pursue them with sincere efforts. Also have a strong intention to remove any form of darkness from within and consciously keep filling yourself with Light, happiness, joy and love. Conscious train yourself to see and connect only to the positive in all people and events.


On the 21st May, we can practice this simple technique to connect with him and experience. Do not practice the technique just for a thrill. Have a strong intention of changing, transforming and entering Satya Yuga. Prayers for selfish purposes will not be entertained.

Face North. Practice the technique for an hour.
Practice 7 Rounds of Pranayama with Golden Light

Offer your regards, respects and Love.

Imagine Lord Kalki to be sitting in front of you. Then imagine a beam of Light coming from your Soul and connecting with Lord Kalki. Spend time in experiencing the connection. You can place your prayers and questions and also seek guidance.

Then imagine an abundance of Bright Fluorescent Blue energies coming from Him. Allow the Light to fill up your system and keep experiencing it.

If you feel you mind wandering a lot, you can keep repeating “Om” silently.

Astral Travel

As mentioned earlier, on the night of the 21st, there will be an astral travel to Shambala. All individuals who are open, have a genuine intention of transforming and wants to be a part of the Light Age will be taken.

Eat light food and go to bed early. Pray to the Rishis to take you on the astral travel.

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    I pray to Lord for his divine grace & blessings & thank him for protecting, uplifting & being with us always.

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    Dear Vishwaamara

    This is really enlightening. Only truth is everlasting. Let the almighty give us all strength and courage to align with Light age .
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