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Power of Pralaya

Submitted by on August 25, 2023 – 5 Comments

Power of Pralaya is a very special energy of Lord Kalki. He began releasing this special energy to the Earth from today (25th Aug 2023)

The gathering of the Special energy was initiated through a special project about 10 years ago. Initially, the concept for this Energy was carefully laid out by Vasistha Maharshi, Kripacharya Maharshi and Lord Kalki.

The Rishis and Lord Kalki wanted to set right many things on Earth. Lord Kalki wanted more of the positive aspects of Pralaya to manifest. He was also looking at ways to resolve various issues that are present on Earth from various MahaYugas.

They devised ways to gather this energy with specific properties, to aid their work. The entire process of gathering the Energy was a well thought out and executed mission.

Special Yagna

Lord Kalki specially requested Lord Brahma and Devi Saraswati for assistance to create this energy. They advised Lord Kalki to perform a Yagna with the help of specialist Rishis for this.

The source of these special energies to be created and gathered in the Yagna, are from the navel region of Lord Brahma, and the third eye region of Devi Saraswati. Normally, the God’s never give energies from these regions (navel, third eye) but it was the special request from Lord Kalki that they agreed to it. This is indeed a huge blessing for our Earth and humanity.

First, 1008 Rishis emerged from Lord Brahma and took form. They selected a place between Milky Way and Andromeda for the Yagna. They sat in a special star-shaped formation and then began performing the Yagna, which lasted for 10 years till now.

Lord Kalki and Kripacharya Maharshi worked very hard to guide the process of the Yagna and then gather the Light and energies. Lord Kalki says that the special energies are a combination of Knowledge, Wisdom, and Light. When this is combined with the Wisdom and Truth of Pralaya, they help solve various issues and problems on Earth

A wonderful after effect of this Yagna is that the special energies released are helping in the cleansing of the Milky Way Galaxy and Andromeda Galaxy. Many of the karmas in these galaxies are also being burnt. Many Rishi workers are also gathering the fumes of these cleansing energies to utilize later.

The power of Pralaya is special, potent and rare, and hence the release of the energy also requires a special setup. When the Rishis and Lord Kalki checked the various possibilities, they found that it worked best in a platform of Wealth and Spirituality.

Hence, Lord Kalki decided to release the energies during the presence of Devi Mahalakshmi on Earth, as Her energies and Light create this conducive environment. The process of releasing the energies began today, 25th August 2023, after Mahalakshmi descended to Earth.

Properties of Power of Pralaya Energies

1. The Power of Pralaya energy can modify itself according to the situation. For example, if the Blue Light aspect of Power of Pralaya is anchored, it can convert itself to a light-Blue energy for cleansing or into dark-Blue Light for healing.

Even the same colour of Light can convert itself to exhibit different properties depending on the situation and requirements.

2. An important property the Rishis mention about the Power of Pralaya is that it can bloom, spread and evaporate.

We are yet to comprehend the details as these aspects are involved with Alien activity, Yeti’s, Bi-Bodies and so on.

3. The power of Pralaya energies can make humanity witness the sound of Light and the sound of energies. Lord Kalki is very happy about this feature as it can help subdue the dark forces much more easily.

4. The Power of Pralaya energy has a smoky or misty effect and can be anchored as smoke. This will help immensely in camouflage and the secret manifestation of diverse properties.

This will also help the Rishis to manifest Light and energies in a physical form.

5. Another unique feature of the energy is that its properties will vary completely depending on who is anchoring the energies.

For example, if Lord Kalki anchors the energy, it will aid situations of wars, important missions, planning and strategy.

When Vasishtha Maharshi anchors the same energy, they will be based on Wisdom and knowledge, on evolving etc. If personalities like Lord Parashurama or Vishwatejas Mulabrahmarishi anchor the energy, they will begin to focus on the purpose directly, without being worried about the consequences.

6. The Power of Pralaya Energy will bring Transparency. This aspect is very much required now in the world in various areas. At the individual level, this aspect will begin clarity in our journey.

7. The Power of Pralaya energies also exhibit an electric effect. This nature of the energy prevents anyone from misusing it or messing with it. It can cause severe damage to those who attempt it.

8. An important feature of the energy is that it will be laying a very good platform for Lord Kalki’s work, and for the Light Age. This will also enable Lord Kalki to expand his work to a larger scale.

9. Another interesting feature of the energy is that it will awaken the sensitivity, and many Inner faculties in individuals.

First, it will help the individuals to tune up to the present period, help them grow, and then aid the development of the Spiritual faculties.

Impact on Humanity

Generally, the manifestation of the Astral works to the physical world takes time. But the Rishis are working hard to allow the maximum impact of these energies as soon as possible. Their hope is that the Power of Pralaya Energies can bring a lot of solace and relaxation on Earth from the raw Pralaya energies existing presently.

The next step depends on humanity. It will come down to how quickly we can collectively accept and resonate with the energies. The tendency of humanity so far has been to resist change and not giving up on the old ways.

There are also other subtle factors that Lord Kalki will consider. The Rishis mention one such example. If the Inner faculties like Intuition open up in many individuals (who are spiritually oriented), physical means like the Internet and other digital networks will start collapsing. Such occurrences hastily can bring about imbalances in global life.

The effects of the Power of Pralaya will manifest in a careful and phased manner.

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