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Dvi Nakshatra (Bi-Body)

Submitted by on August 25, 2020 – 8 Comments

The Rishis work on Earth is complex. In many instances, they have to go to great lengths to accomplish them. A lot of it can be executed from the Astral level, however many of the missions require their physical presence on Earth. These aspects are taken care of by the Rishi workers on Earth.

There are several sensitive areas on Earth which a common man cannot access and the Rishi workers have to carry out their work in such places. While trying to understand the ways in which they accomplish such difficult tasks, we were made aware of this new concept of Bi-Bodies.

When Maharshi Amara was alive, he was an expert in carrying out such tasks. He was adept in Teleportation as well as had the capacity to multiply his physical body. This process of multiplying the physical body is referred to as Bi-Locating, which means being in two places at once.

The processes of Teleportation and Bi-Locating consume a lot of Tapas Shakti of the Rishi and hence not used often. Also, very less number of Rishi workers present on the Earth possess these capabilities.

To facilitate more Rishi workers to execute such works, a new concept has been manifested by Lord Kalki known as Dvi Nakshatra or Bi-Bodies.

Concept of Bi-Body

The concept and functioning of a Bi-Body was conceptualized by Patanjali Maharshi long ago when he was doing his research on the human system. This part of the knowledge was never taken forward as it was not required in that period. Then it was almost lost.

The knowledge came to light again recently when the Rishis were exploring different ways to efficiently help Lord Kalki with his work. Vasishtha Maharshi could luckily get hold of this hidden treasure and access the knowledge. He then discussed these concepts with Lord Kalki.

Lord Kalki resonated very much with this concept. He began gathering the necessary energies required for this in his lab and began studying the concept. Then with the help of Vasishtha Maharshi, Renukananda Maharshi and Amara Maharshi, he was able to manifest the concept of Bi-Body into existence.

The concept of a Bi-Body was that a person could operate through two physical bodies, where one of them would have all the advanced capabilities.

Initially, Lord Kalki wondered whether He could be doing this work as he had the capability of working in numerous places at once. He was advised against it as it would consume a lot of his energies and also divert him from the other responsibilities.

The Rishis also mentioned to Him that if an Avatara keeps performing all the tasks, his importance will reduce. They also mentioned that as humanity will keep watching him often, his energies will get exposed and when it comes to his main works, he will not be able to execute them efficiently.

The Rishis mentioned that they will carry out this special work. They had the required criteria as they understand His work and are used to working with Him, and in tune with the ongoing transition process.

The experimentation began after this. At first, Lord Kalki wanted to create Bi-Bodies that are temporary in nature. But as the concept evolved and the works began to succeed, the Bi-Bodies became permanent bodies.

The experimentation began in the year 2000. The experimentation was to test the feasibility and efficiency rather than for immediate functioning. Three Rishiworkers and one Lightworker were selected for this and four Bi-Bodies were created in Shambala for them.

The Lightworker was able to manage this for only five days. A Rishiworker who was aged managed to operate through this for about three years till he could continue no more.

In due course, other Spiritually capable individuals on Earth were selected and experimented upon. In many cases, the original bodies of these individuals collapsed as they could not handle it.

The Rishis and Lord Kalki had long discussions about this and were studying the impact it had on the worker – both their Astral part and main physical body and how efficiently they could function.

Upon observation and study, the Rishis concluded that only the Rishi workers could sustain working with a Bi-Body. Only the Rishi workers were able to adapt to the conditions. It was mainly because of their Tapas Shakti and their familiarity in working with the Rishis and Avatar’s of MahaVishnu.

The concept of operating through a Bi-Body was a success. Based on their observations, Lord Kalki decided to expand this concept and enrol more Rishi workers into it. He decided to have a maximum of 108 Rishi workers having Bi-Bodies operating on the Earth. (Note — presently, there are 97 Rishi workers having Bi-Bodies).

Bharadwaja Maharshi is the senior-most Rishi having a Bi-body presently. Because of his old age, he works only on important occasions. He shares his wisdom and experience with the other Bi-Bodies and helps them.

The next phase of the Bi-Bodies involved creating them for specific purposes who could be experts in those respective areas of work. Depending on the role of the Bi-Body, they are created in different places—

Andromeda Galaxy — The Bi-Bodies created here are meant to handle very tough work. They are all-rounders and execute all types of work.

Vasishtha Maharshi’s lab — These Bi-Bodies are meant for very technical work. Some of their responsibilities involve works like deciphering blueprints and codes, breaking them open if required, dealing with some of the complex laws on Earth etc.

Shambala – These Bi-Bodies are great warriors and they help in defence and warfare.

Mount Kailash – Very few Bi-Bodies are created here. They are very Spiritually oriented and are involved more in chanting mantras, creating new energies, and working with Light and sound codes.

The Seven Earths – The Bi-Bodies created here work and deal with the dark forces directly. Therefore they are deputed only to certain countries on the Earth.

General Characteristics of Bi-Body

During this transition period, even though the Rishis and other Lightworkers are present on Earth, there is a large amount of work to be done and additional help is required. The concept of Dvi Nakashtra is a special innovation of Lord Kalki to assist with this.

The Bi-Bodies are meant only for this period and will cease to exist after the transition period.

The Bi-Bodies are created in various places (as detailed above) depending on the requirement. Each of the respective Bi-Body is created in the same image of the Rishi worker who will be operating it. Most of the external features including the age of the Rishiworker is replicated onto the Bi-Body.

After the creation of the Bi-Body, a part of the Astral Body of the Rishiworker is merged with this body and the worker will be able to operate the Bi-Body independently. In simple terms, the Astral body of the Rishiworker now has two physical bodies functioning.

The Bi-Bodies are created for a specific purpose, and therefore do not possess all the qualities of a regular physical body. They are not meant for experiencing life and the diversity of Creation. All the Bi-Bodies are generally very Intelligent Beings and exhibit fewer emotions or sentiments.

By nature, the Bi-Bodies are created as the typical “Alpha” personality. They are assertive and firm. They also tend to be aggressive and can have a lot of anger within them. They are created with these properties due to the nature of the work involved. The dangerous situations and circumstances of the work they will be in, compel that their nature cannot be soft and loving.

They are extremely focused on their work and have the capacity to work 24hrs a day. They have to be very aware of everything around them, at all times. Being absent-minded or careless could cause exposure and failure in their work.

The Bi-bodies generally stay and work independently. They are meant for work and do not have a family or get involved in social activities. Only in rare instances do the various Bi-Bodies work as a team.

They have the special ability to completely detach from for the emotions and sentiments that they exhibit and carry on with their work.

The Bi-Bodies are created with a large number of Spiritual faculties and powers active in them. But by behaviour and Inner nature, they are very simple Beings.

There are many rules and karmic laws that apply to a Rishiworker and humanity in general. These do not apply to the Bi-Bodies. Most of the work of the Bi-Bodies come under the “exception to the rule” category.

Having a Bi-Body is advantageous over a person Bi-Locating as it can save immensely on the Spiritual energies consumed and the duration one can operate through this means.

Generally, there is no rest period or break for them. They move to the next project after finishing the current one. In rare situations do the Bi-Bodies take a few days of rest to recharge themselves.

The Bi-Bodies do not meditate or practice any specific Sadhana. All their focus is towards work. Their strength comes from Lord SuryaNarayana or they draw energies from their counterpart, the main physical body.


The Bi-Bodies generally sustain themselves by receiving energies from the Sun. They generally absorb the necessary energies and Prana from Lord SuryaNarayana for their sustenance. Depending on the necessity, they also draw energies from the different Planets and the Solar System in general.

The Bi-Bodies have the capacity to function like a normal person also. This feature is required to blend in with local people during work. If they have to consume food, they usually eat only cooked food. The ability to eat food weakens as the Bi-Body ages.

In extremely rare cases like the instances where they get trapped in a place for many days or have to remain hidden for extended periods, they can sustain by eating a part of themselves.


The Bi-Bodies can be referred to as Super Beings in regards to Faculties. They are created by Lord Kalki specifically for this purpose of executing special works and it requires them to possess special capabilities. The Spiritual faculties and capacities are well developed and fully functional in the Bi-Bodies. Many of the faculties are not possessed by us humans.

The Bi-Bodies are very psychic and Intuitive.

They have many advanced forms of communication. They can communicate using telepathy, through glances or through the exchange of energies.

They are equipped with the majority of the languages and cultures of the world, human behaviour and their ways of thinking. Any additional attributes like different dialects can be acquired by them in minutes.

They can travel very fast. In human understanding, it can be described as superfast running. The younger Bi-Bodies have the capacity to travel 2000 kms in about 5-10 minutes. As the Bi-Body ages, the speed slows down a bit. They also possess the ability to teleport but prefer the physical travel as they can assess and understand the environment better. Teleportation is used only in extreme cases.

When not in work, they appear like the Rishi worker but change their form during the work to blend into the place. They can change their size and appearance and are very good at camouflage. Depending on the necessity, they can become transparent, but not invisible. Only the Bi-Bodies created in the Seven Earths have the capacity to become Invisible.

The colour of their skin is grey as it helps better with camouflage. And it is easy to change this colour to any human skin colour during their mission.

The Bi-Bodies have the capacity to multiply themselves, up to 5 bodies, if required for that particular work. This is not generally done. This ability also depends on the capacity of the Rishi worker to be able to operate these many independent entities.

All the senses are well developed in the Bi-Bodies and they are naturally clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, clairgustant and clairalient. In fact, their clairalience or advance sense of smell is a unique feature.

The sense of smell is very less understood at the human level. The capacity of smell in humans, as well as technology available in this area, is quite primitive and we do not know to protect ourselves in this aspect. The Bi-Bodies can perceive and understand many things with the help of this faculty. This faculty in them is so advanced that they can smell things and decipher them over several kilometres.

They also know how to use their saliva and blood for various advanced tasks. They also have numerous Siddhis or powers and utilize them when required. For example, they can create fire by rubbing their nails.

The Bi-Bodies have the capacity to function in low oxygen. They also have special gills on the top of their heads which give them the capacity to live underwater when required.

They have the ability to survive in extreme situations like fire, floods or droughts and storms with the help of Lord SuryaNarayana and Lord Kalki.

Rishi worker and Bi-Body

The Bi-Body maybe an amazing creation with these super capacities, but it is not easy to work in a Bi-Body. There are large effects on the Astral and main physical body of the Rishiworker and it can be very challenging at times.

An important responsibility of the Rishiworker is to balance all the various aspects of their life. The worker will have responsibilities at the physical level and at the astral level. They have to continue executing this part smoothly along with the new added responsibility of a Bi-Body.

By design, the main physical body and the Bi-Body will not meet or have any connections. It is the Astral body of the Rishi worker operating two separate physical bodies. The only time there is a partial connection is when the Bi-Body wants energies, strength or Tapas Shakti for its work.

The work of the Bi-Body can get intense many times. This will lead to huge energy level fluctuations in the main body. There will be large mood swings, emotions will be harsh and it will influence various other factors like food and sleep. Intense work of the Bi-Body tires the main physical body too as they share the same Astral body.

The Bi-Body is meant purely for Lord Kalki’s work and mission, and it cannot be made to do other things by the Rishi worker. The Rishi worker does not have control over the Bi-Body functioning in areas other than the work. The Bi-Bodies have their own Intelligence, mission and individuality.

Being aware of the activities of the Bi-Body is discouraged. One, it affects the life of the main body immensely. It also requires a lot of psychic energies and mental strength to perceive this, and spending so much energy for long periods will affect both the physical and astral body.

There is no concept of death separately for the Bi-Body. It can continue to function until the health of the main body is good. In case there is any damage or injury to the Bi-Body, Lord Kalki can heal it and it will become healthy again.

Eligibility of Rishi Worker to have a Bi-Body

As we have understood so far, it is not easy to function through a Bi-Body. There are many things considered before a Rishi worker becomes eligible for this.

The person willing to work with a Bi-Body should be part of the 144,000 Rishi workers and should have been working with the Rishis for many lifetimes. This criteria being met itself is an important factor and many qualification aspects are taken care of.

Once the Rishi worker expresses interest, there are further selection processes, which are hard and severe, and in some instances brutal too. The Rishis recommend different workers for this based on their observations, but it is the sole discretion of Lord Kalki to select them.

The person should be very passionate about the work and already be working in the capacity of a Rishi worker. There will be a lot of training and tests before they can be selected to operate with a Bi-Body.

The person will have to continue to work at the Astral level and their present physical body in addition to operating the Bi-Body. Only workers who have the capacity for this will be eligible.

Ideally, the individual should be between the age of 24 and 50 years and they will work till the age of 60.

Once the Rishi worker agrees for this, there is no backing out. It has to be an assured commitment and they cannot retire early as the Bi-Body will be created specifically for that individual. They retire only when they become old or severely damaged or when Lord Kalki wants them to.

Another important criterion is that the Rishi worker having a Bi-Body cannot be married. If they are, they will have to give up their family.

Operating through a Bi-Body is not an easy process. A lot of inner strength and will power is required along with deep Inner knowing and mental stamina. Once the Rishi worker gets selected, they undergo a few years of training and then begin to operate through a Bi-Body.

Modus Operandi of Bi-Bodies

The work of the Bi-Bodies is not glamorous or fanciful and they generally work in tough conditions. These are some of the darkest places on Earth as well as the densest, energetically.

Some of the work of the Bi-Bodies involve infiltrating the dark forces and various militias all over the world and defeating them. Sometimes it is aspects of espionage to understand the activities of the dark forces. At times, they also work with World Leaders and important personalities through camouflage.

Other than these works, the Bi-Bodies work with migrant refugees, in preventing trafficking of people, working with the victims and exposing the people responsible.

Lord Kalki is the main person in charge of the Bi-Bodies, and their roles and functioning. Vasishtha Maharshi and Kripacharya Maharshi are the Rishis assisting Him in this. They take care of them, assign the work and monitor them.

All the Bi-Bodies report to Kripacharya Maharshi. He is the person who usually communicates between the Bi-Bodies and Lord Kalki.

Kripacharya Maharshi brings the works from Lord Kalki. Vasishtha Maharshi checks the feasibility and practicality of the work required, assesses on the urgentness and difficulty and then plans the mission. This is then communicated to the Bi-Body.

In some cases, the Bi-Body is further equipped and training is given.

Place of Operation

The Bi-Bodies reside in special places built specifically for them and are generally referred to as Caves. They are permanent structures and are Home for the Bi-Bodies. This is the place where they rest in between missions. There are about 7-10 such permanent structures, also known as Permanent Caves around the World. Most of them are in Asia and Africa.

The Mission would be in distant places and in “enemy territory”. For this, the Bi-Bodies will create a “temporary cave”, usually about 30 to 50 kms away from the place of their work. They will settle in there before beginning their mission.

The Bi-Bodies can always travel from their permanent caves, but this will land up consuming a lot of energy and it takes them a long time to recoup. So this is used only in emergency situations, or when the mission is in very dangerous places.

Depending on the mission, the duration required to stay there, they will decide on the size and characteristics of the Temporary Caves. These structures get created by the Bi-Body. The caves also have layers of shielding and protection so that it is not discovered.

Before the commencement of the work, they change the appearance to blend in with the locals. Then they connect to the energies and vibrations of that particular place and tune in. They also suss out as much information as possible about the place and people and prepare accordingly. Then they proceed.

After the completion of the mission, the temporary caves are destroyed and made sure that there are no traces left behind.

All information is communicated only to Kripacharya Maharshi, or Vasishtha Maharshi or to Lord Kalki. No one else, under any circumstances.


The Bi-Bodies are an amazing Manifestation by Lord Kalki to be a part of his work. By their creation, they are highly intelligent Beings and possess a lot of powers and capacities, but by their behaviour and Inner nature, they are very simple.

They are very focused and passionate about their work and very hard working. In fact most of the times, Kripacharya Maharshi has to keep reminding them to take care of themselves. They accomplish their missions silently and very fast.

The Bi-Bodies are a wonder and an amazing part of the diversity of our Creation. It is part of the Divine’s effort to help humanity through different forms and manifestations.

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Our Love and Gratitude to Maharshi Amara on his Punyathiti, for enlightening us with this Divine and Precious knowledge.

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