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21st December 2012 and Beyond

Submitted by on December 15, 2012 – 6 Comments

We have finally arrived at the doorstep of December 21st, 2012. This date holds various meanings to different people around the World. Some consider it a doomsday where major cataclysmic events will destroy our planet, while many others look towards it as a day of Spiritual transcendence. Along with those who reject anything mystical, there is also a vast majority of the population who are within the confines of their own little worlds and are totally unaware of the phenomenon surrounding this date.

Like every other prophecy of the past, many misconceptions, half-truths and outdated knowledge is floating around about the December 21st events. These have fuelled unwanted fear and panic amongst people leading them to believe in mayhem and destruction of all life here on the Earth. They have also raised exaggerated expectations in the New Age circles about the dawn of a new era from this date.

Nobody can accurately predict any future event or know for sure what will happen. The future remains dynamic, based mainly on the choices of the present. Many events and activities occurring in the higher planes also have an effect on the future. The Higher Intelligence which monitors and administers all of existence also plays an important role in determining the further course of events.

This article does not prophesise about the future. It aims to share information about the astral events which can possibly decide what happens at the physical level. Since many of these events are experiments, they may not materialise physically or may occur differently. We also re-emphasise the major change of plans in the Dec 21st events and the expected course of events in the years to follow.

Postponement of Major 2012 Events

December 21st of this year is the convergence point of many Cosmic events. Our Solar system comes in direct alignment with the Galactic equator on this day. Also, an equilateral triangle is formed in space between three massive stars—the centre of our Milky way Galaxy, the Central Sun around which our Sun revolves and the Greater Central Sun around which the Central Sun revolves. Added to these Cosmic Alignments is another important event—our Earth enters the core of the Photon belt, an inter-stellar energy field, on this day. These extraordinary events result in the influx of a huge amount of energies towards our Earth.

The Higher Intelligence had decided to make use of these events and the special energies available because of them, to reduce the transitory period and hasten our movement into the New Light Age. The initial transitory period between the Dark Age which ended in 1974 and the coming Light Age was 432 years. This relaxed duration was necessary to remove all darkness on our Earth and establish the ways of Light and Love on this planet. The Rishis however decided to use the opportunities provided by the Cosmic events occurring now to quickly remove all darkness, shorten the transitory duration of 432 years and allow the Light Age to begin on this Earth by 2020.

As a result, we were supposed to witness many important events on 21st December and in the days before and after it. Many Earth changes like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and pole-shifts were expected. Our Earth was supposed to slow down, stop rotating and stand still for three days and then reverse its direction of rotation. The Rishis had planned to use these events, along with the influx of energies to collapse the existing negative systems and replace them with new systems based on truth, love and light. These would also have resulted in an expansion of awareness and opening up of the hidden faculties—a ‘spiritual push’ to all of humanity.

Most of these events have been postponed. We will not witness massive Earth changes on 21st December!

This time-line was postponed due to various factors, as detailed in this earlier article, but the main reason has been the choices that we as humanity made. We have not allowed positive changes to manifest—both individually and collectively, as was expected of us. We are not choosing and manifesting the higher virtues in our living and continue to remain self-centred. Forcing a massive transformation in a short duration would have resulted in more destruction and chaos. The Higher Intelligence works through Love; it is this factor which has given us Humanity more time, opportunities and help to transform and make a smooth transition into the Light Age.

During the first eclipse on 14th November 2012, Lord Kalki and Vishwamitra Maharshi did explore ways in which the transition could be completed by this year-end itself and allow the Light Age to begin. But that would have entailed taking many drastic steps and decisions. Finally the entire council of Rishis decided to continue with the original plan of allowing more time for Humanity to transform.

We will be entering a new phase from the beginning of the next year. The transition process and the effects of the Pralaya energies will be more evident as they help all of us to make a shift into the New Light Age.

The Twin Eclipses of November 2012

The two eclipses in November were very important in the backdrop of the Pralaya process and our transition ahead. These eclipses have been very auspicious for our Earth because of the various astral works that were accomplished in that duration. We as humanity have been really blessed; the onus is now on each one of us to tune and open up to Light and the higher realities.

A complex network of Energy Grids was built around our Earth in this duration. Each of these powerful and special Grids carries different energies and performs a specific function. They are controlled directly by the Rishis who are also energising and strengthening them regularly. The new Energy Grid network is also used to monitor every activity on our Planet, which in turn helps the Higher Intelligence in their work. The Rishis say that this network of Grids is a gift from God to our Earth.

Lord Kalki participated in many works related to dealing with the dark forces. His work was instrumental in the removal of many dark forces from our Earth. In the coming days He will be more active and those who are open, will be able to feel His presence.

The main reason for the period between the eclipses being very potent and powerful was that, the Saptarishis, with the help of Devi Mahalakshmi anchored a lot of new energies on our Earth. Different Light workers also anchored many new Energies from different sources onto our Earth. These are the pralaya related energies and their effects are visible now.

During the eclipses, Lord Kalki and the Saptarishis also counselled the entire Humanity.

On 21st December 2012

The December Solstice is an important occasion although many of the major events have been postponed. It is a significant day spiritually and looking ahead, an important date for the transition phase too.

Many things are not being revealed by the Rishis to maintain and respect the various laws of secrecy. But they do mention that it will be a Foundation day for the transition period. There will be new doorways opening up spiritually. So far, the main work by the Higher Intelligence has been to educate and counsel humanity and tell them to change, to transform. We were also provided with an abundance of new energies and opportunities for this. Dec 21st could be the day of last chances for people to start manifesting the spiritual values in their lives. After this date, action MAY begin to be taken on all individuals.

Those who have worked hard over the years to purify themselves will be able to notice gradual changes occurring in their physical bodies. During the just concluded eclipse, the Rishis have injected many special energies into all those who were open. These energies will help in the formation of new cells in their systems, thus enabling them to open up further and absorb more Light.

We will also be entering into the core layer of the Photon Belt on this day. The higher and subtler vibrations of those energies will naturally impact life here on Earth. The Rishis say that there’ll be a lot of chaos individually in everyone’s lives, highlighting the areas where we still need to transform. The more we spiritualize and surrender, the faster the chaos disappears.

The doomsday predictions of mega Earthquakes and our Earth standing still will not happen. There may be a few incidents like a minor Earthquake on this day and also in the phase between the Solstice and Sankranthi (14th January). But these are not the large scale destructive events that are being predicted.

For The Spiritually Evolved Individuals

All those who have worked on their inner purity and spiritualized their lives will find it easier to connect to Light and manifest it in their living. More of their inner faculties will open up from now on.

It will also become easy to overcome the earlier ways of orthodoxy and conformity, and live a life based on spiritual values. These individuals will also be able to understand the higher laws intuitively and thus simplify their lifestyle.

The dark forces, who are collectively fighting for their survival will be more aggressive now. But those who have spiritualized will not be affected by these forces or their energies. Light is God Himself, and by embracing Light, one will be taken care in every way. All help and guidance will be available to these genuine individuals.

The Days and Years Ahead

We are entering into a new phase of transition in the New Year. This phase will witness the further exposure of all those systems of the previous Age which are built on greed and selfishness, and which do not work for the welfare of all. Their decline will hasten. The entire Earth will witness a gradual flux, a churning against adharma.

There will be a complete destruction of the Dark in the coming period and this is required before the Light Age dawns on this Earth.

The social structures will change across the globe as the stranglehold of caste and race, class and religion weakens and becomes unimportant. Religious heads and even Spiritual guides become irrelevant as each individual will be able to connect directly to the Supreme Intelligence.

This phase witnesses a rapid spiritual growth of everyone as they’ll be able to establish links with Light. Many dormant faculties will also open up in them. Once the destruction phase completes, many Rishis and Rishi-workers will begin to take birth. Their presence is needed to establish a base for the transformatory period between 2015 and 2020, before the actual Light Age begins!


Many individuals have been anticipating and preparing for December 21st since many years. They should not lose hope and patience and give up just because all that was expected does not manifest. This day is not a no-event day although the major events are not occurring. A few clear signs and impacts are expected. Let us also be aware of the bigger picture and the spiritual importance of this transition.

It is not possible to predict if the Light Age dawns on this Earth on a particular day where everyone will magically transcend spiritually. But it surely is an individual event, where each one overcomes their negativities and limitations, tunes up to Light and spiritualizes their lives. The Light Age starts from each individual on this Earth!

We need not wait for a date, nor expect the World to change in order to enter the New Light Age. We can live in Light, here and now, this moment onwards. We can start living with a higher and expanded awareness right now. The Light is present in us as our inner self; we can connect to It, commune with It and get guided in every aspect of our lives.

Embracing and Manifesting Light in our living is the top most priority in our lives, now onwards. Let 21st December be a date which anchors this deep in our awareness.

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