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Rishis – The Light Masters

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The name ‘Rishis’ brings to our minds the archetypal image of old men, with matted locks and long beards, sitting in forests or caves in deep meditations. Or we may think of them as characters in our epics, involved in some spiritual activity, but mostly living in seclusion, away from the society. In the west, maybe we associate similar characteristics to Saints or Mystics. Our imagination hardly takes us beyond the movies and story books, which feed us with these pictures and characters since our young days.

A Rishi is much, much more than any of these characterizations. To understand the Rishis is to understand the possibilities of Human endeavour, the heights that man can touch, the greatness he can achieve. Rishis are truly the pinnacle of human evolution at all levels — physical, astral and spiritual.

Who is a Rishi ?

A Rishi is a Spiritual Master who has mastered the Spiritual sciences through his long and persistent efforts. He is a person who has experienced God and because of that experience, is able to manifest God’s qualities in his living.

A Rishi’s language is Love. He always radiates Love in his thoughts, words and actions. Whoever comes in contact with him will be touched by this love. It’s no exaggeration that in ancient times, when the Rishis lived in forests, the entire atmosphere would be infused with so much of love that even wild beasts would walk around tamely, without harming others. The depth of their unconditional love can only be known by experience.

A Rishi is the personification of all the Spiritual qualities – Love, surrender, humility, detachment and accommodation.

A Rishi’s higher experiences makes him one of the wisest people in the entire creation. He manifests that wisdom in his living, in his interactions with others and in guiding them. He can understand others and accommodate them completely. He has tremendous patience and expansion.

Because of their higher spiritual experiences, the Rishis have access to very rare knowledge and powers that are not available to anyone else. Their wisdom enables them to use these for the welfare of everyone instead of for their individual benefits. Because of their intense love for God, they selflessly serve His creation.

The incarnations of Rishis

Rishihood is a spiritual state that is attained after the inner awakening, when the seeker chooses to guide others towards their liberation. A Rishi is free from the cycle of birth and death and though he can go back to his source at any time, he chooses to stay back for the benefit of others. Because he has transcended death, he can continue to live in the same body for thousands of years, without ageing, if that is required for his work.

In Himalayas and other places, there are innumerable Rishis who’re in deep tapas for eons, gathering and holding special energies. Yet, there are Rishis who choose to give up their bodies at death and take birth again. The reason could vary from one person to another — it could be to take birth on a different earth in another part of creation, or to take birth on this earth itself, in another part of the world, for a different purpose. This choice, like others, will be according to the divine plan and the Rishis follow the instructions of the SaptaRishis, the seven masters who’re the supreme administrators of God’s creation.

All the Spiritual Masters of Mankind like Christ, Plato, Swami Vivekananda, Amara, Max Muller, Ramana, etc were great Rishis. These Spiritual giants have also incarnated as important people throughout history, to advance civilization, to establish kingdoms, to invent and discover a thousand useful things, to reform society and to advance the area of fine arts like art and music. They’ve taken birth as inventors and scientists like Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Einstein to advance the frontiers of science. They’ve come down as reformers like Mother Theresa and Nelson Mandela to serve society and help those in need. As artists, poets, sculptors and musicians like Davinci, Michealengelo and Mozart, they’ve added new dimensions to human culture and finesse. And many times, they’ve taken birth as ordinary people, not known to many but impacting the lives of those around with their ideal living and personal qualities.

At the physical level, these great people may not be aware of their spiritual roots. A Rishi who incarnates in this way, usually connects to the higher realms at a deeper level and brings down very special knowledge in that field, which is relevant to the times. He may not manifest all the qualities of a Rishi in that incarnation, as it may not be required too. So he’ll often lead a purposeful but contradicting life of a genius, focussed on his work, so that the knowledge of his true identity doesn’t disturb his work.

Capacities of the Rishis

Rishis are the highest beings in God’s creation. The direct Wisdom, Energies and Guidance from the Supreme Intelligence Himself gives them tremendous capacities and enables them to carry out unbelievable feats. Some of their powers are truly breathtaking, which they use only for the execution of God’s work.

Some of their capacities are:

  • Rishis can travel from one universe to another and from one manifestation to another. They can transcend time and space and reach any part of God’s creation. They can even go to the Unmanifested part of creation and return.
  • They bring new knowledge and energies from these places for the benefit of Humanity. Before releasing them to others, they conduct a lot of tests and implement these on themselves and the team of workers under them. After releasing these new energies, they continue to monitor the changes there.
  • Rishis can communicate with millions at the same time. For example, the Rishi who’s in charge of the works on this earth can communicate with all the people here simulatenously.
  • They can teleport, bilocate or even multiply themselves into many bodies, depending on the requirement of the work.. All the faculties like telepathy, third eye, astral/soul travel and innumerable other siddhis will be fully operational in them. They use these for the service of others.
  • Rishis gather a lot of energies over thousands of years of intense Tapas or when they experience God. These energies enable them to create new galaxies and some masters can even create new Universes. They usually store these energies within themselves and release them at appropriate times, using it for God’s work whenever required.

Categories of Rishis

Rishis are the administrators of God’s creation. They take care of his manifestation and govern it on his behalf. They are involved in all the decision making and governance processes. There’s a huge network of Rishis which spans all the planes and dimensions. At different levels, they have different roles and responsibilities.

The Saptarishis are a batch of seven Rishis who are directly in charge of the entire work under God. They have millions of other Rishis and workers to assist them in this work. They report directly to God and take important decisions pertaining to the administration with His consultation.

The Saptarishis are not a permanent batch — the Rishis of this batch keep changing over a larger cycles of time known as a Manvantara in Sanskrit. They are known in different cultures as the Hierarchy, Council of Lights, Light Masters etc. The present batch of Saparishis are Maharshi’s Brighu, Atri, Angirasa, Vasishtha, Pulastya, Pulaha and Kratu.
On this earth, they are assisted by a batch of 1,44,000 Rishi-workers, spread across different cultures and countries.

These are Rishis of a particular order who have done intense Tapas and have been serving God for millions of years. They take His advice and execute His work. Depending on the work, they can go to all the Manifested worlds and Dimensions and even to the Unmanifested part of creation.

The Maharshi’s usually work under the Saptarishis but some of them choose to work on their own. Usually they work from the astral planes but sometimes they take birth on this plane, depending on the requirement. There are some great Maharshis whom even God consults before taking important decisions. These great masters bring down rare knowledge and energies for the benefit of Humanity.

Rishi Workers
These are the masters who are responsible to execute the divine work at the physical level. Usually they work as a batch on a particular earth. Many of them will be of the order of Maharshis and they specialize in working at the physical level, like Maharshi Amara.

The Rishi workers will be trained for thousands of years across many lifetimes for the work. Many will also be working for many cycles. They are trained for working in very adverse and difficult situations. Hence they are always able to accept the situations they are in and wait patiently without losing hope to continue their work.

Rishi workers usually experience higher spiritual states at the deeper levels, which they manifest in their work here. All the qualities they manifest for the work like patience, accommodation and inner strength comes from their Love; their Love for God and his creation.

Light workers
These are also great spiritual masters who work for God’s creation. Unlike the Rishi workers, they are not a permanent batch of Rishis on any earth. They go to a particular earth when more help is required, like during a transitory period. And they’ll also have different masters other than the Rishis to guide them in their work, sometimes.

The work of the Rishis

Much of the work of the Rishis remains hidden partly because of their humility which prevents them from talking about it. The scriptures which capture some of their works are also incomplete and have been distorted over time. A few records of the workers and psychics give us a glimpse of the immense work which these masters have done silently over the eons, without the expectation of any reward or recognition.

    • Rishis have gone out of their way to save Humanity from many wars and natural calamities. For this, they’ve spent their personal spiritual energies (tapas shakti) which they’ve gained over thousands of years of intense meditations. Inspite of their herculean efforts, we had to go through a few wars and natural disasters because people did not choose and transform.
    • Rishis have brought down many rare energies and injected them into all humans, along with other living beings. They use occasions like Eclipses and star alignments to release these energies. They also make use of opportunities like peace rallies and candle-light marches to heal people and the place. These energies help humans to transform, if they’re open to them.
    • Rishis work hard to reveal various spiritual truths like the details of God’s creation. They’ve taught meditations and other practices to help people find liberation from the cycle. Though the spiritual truths are present in the scriptures, whenever these masters take birth, they simplify and explain this knowledge to the people around. Most of the times they also add new knowledge to the ones that already exist on this plane. The knowledge helps everyone overcome their ignorance and grow.

Rishis’ work in this transitory period

Postponing the third world war:
Many psychics like Nostradamus had predicted the third world war by the end of the 20th century and it was supposed to happen as per the destiny of this earth. And we have been at the brink of this war several times. But the Rishis, out of their love and concern for humanity have managed to postpone the war, in order to reduce the pain and destruction. They’ve released a lot of their tapas-shakti and have prayed for grace to alter this destiny.

Until now the war has been postponed, also because a good percentage of Humanity doesn’t want it. But if people un-choose or continue to manifest negativities, the Higher intelligence may be forced to allow another World war.

Reducing the duration of Pralaya and the Transitory period:
Our Earth was supposed to go through an intense churning period (Pralaya) for 49 years and a total of 432 years of the transitory period before ascending into the Light Age. Now, with the grace of the Higher Intelligence and the work of the Rishis, we’ll be finishing all of this by the year 2018.

Another important highlight of this period is that we go through less commotion and also have the maximum opportunities to make faster spiritual progress. What used to take lifetimes of great effort can now be achieved by an individual within a few years. This is because of the help provided by the Rishis at different levels to transform, grow and manifest Light.

One example of their work during this transitory period is their work during the 2010 FIFA Worldcup: Africa is very dense with its karmas, problems and very gross energies. A lot of help is being offered from the spiritual level for the growth of this place.

During the recently concluded football world cup, the theme song was ‘Waka Waka’. The Rishis mapped ‘Wa’ to Water and ‘Ka’ to karmas and released a lot of energies at the astral level. Whenever anyone repeated ‘Waka’, a little of their karmas were washed away. And the football finals which coincided with the eclipse was fully utilized to release a lot of new energies and do a lot of astral work in Africa.

We may never know most of the works or sacrifices of these great masters, who’ve moved the wheels of civilization and helped humanity at all levels — material and spiritual. Understanding the immensity of their work helps us to develop love towards them and also cultivate humility. These are the qualities which help us establish contact with these masters, so that we find guidance on our spiritual growth.

Anyone can grow and become a Rishi on his spiritual journey. When we transcend the desire for our individual growth and decide to help and serve others on their journey, the Universe helps us to attain Rishihood. This selfless quality differentiates a Rishi from a spiritual aspirant.

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  • Diayna says:

    I am both touched and impressed by the article. It seems from my own inner experience, the Rishis are much closer to us than we realize. It is humbling to realize how much the Goddess loves and cares for us.

  • Elayaperumal says:

    Hi Sir, By god’s grace I was able to browse your website, I am really very happy that I get to read and understand alot of the spiritual matters.Thank you



  • Uma says:

    Thank you for all the information in this article.

  • Vara says:

    In Hindu mythology, we have heard vahanas for GOD, like Nandhi(OX), karuda(Eagle), simmha(lion) ..Who are they? I found these animals mentioned in Bible in the last chapter revelation(chapter4 verse 7). It talks about four living creatures in heaven
    with almighty GOD.Are they divine souls?

  • Ganesan says:

    May I ask one question. Why is it that all those major changes that
    benefited human kind have always taken place in the western countries?
    Do these Rishis have a reason behind it?

    Quote: They’ve taken birth as inventors and scientists like Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Einstein to advance the frontiers of science. They’ve come down as reformers like Mother Theresa and Nelson Mandela to serve society and help those in need. As artists, poets, sculptors and musicians like Davinci, Michealengelo and Mozart, they’ve added new dimensions to human culture and finesse

    • VishwaAmara says:

      The examples that you are referring to are mainly due to the fact that a better environment and facility is available there for scientific research. There have been scientists like CV Raman and Ramanujam contributing from the east.

      From the point of view of the Rishis, it is their contribution to the entire humanity and everybody gets benefited eventually.

  • Margaret haver braeken says:

    I be verry greatfull for this article. It was complete new for me. and i must go read several time to complete understand. I wish you peace in heart and mind. And many blessings upon your path.

  • Marvine Holder says:

    I have also wondered about the Rishis having briefly heard about them before. However, I must say my heart go out to them for their love to all humanity and the lengths they go to to save mankind. Rishis ! wherever you are I love you. I send my gratitude to you.

  • Nagaraj Ganapa says:

    Jai Guru,

    I am totally blessed with this article information.
    May all lead towards Light.


  • shelly says:

    hello VishwaAmara , what a lovely article and i admire the accurate details , coz i only have abstract ideas of things which u explain in so much precise accurate details ..

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    I enjoyed reading your articles. Thanks for sharing such points. I am impressed!! ;)

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    What an Article it is!!!!
    I have no words to describe!, I could feel the energies entering me while reading this!

  • Gopi says:

    WAKA – Water karma. Whats so special about water karma? How does WAKA water karma helps africa?

    Can you pls explain sir/mam?

    Thank you.

    • Vishwa Amara says:

      @Gopi – Waka – When people repeated this, a small part of their karmas were washed away. It happened with all individuals. But the focus was on helping the people in Africa.

      Do not take the word literally. Water is symbolic for washing away / cleansing. As mentioned in the article, Wa was associated with water and Ka to karmas.

  • Gopi says:

    Every information in this site is worth reading. Thanks for the posting these details.

    Now i can imagine a bit that every incident happens for a reason and its for a good cause. Waka Waka song was awesome information.
    I am really lucky to know about this site.

    Lets Spread Love.

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    Very rich article! I’m immensely touched by the ‘Waka Waka’ instance! We so many times are not aware enough to comprehend many such routine instances, where the divine intervention plays its role. Rishis remain our spiritual parents, come what may!

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